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  1. I agree with you! it becomes very important to be able to accept a friend. Many (steam) friends show up and are correct in not changing anything without asking to participate. But i had 1 or 2 bad experience already ...
  2. I think the difficulty is well set for the new players (watch some '1st game' stream, it's not so easy ) But, we may one day be able to move to another more difficult planetary system ... we know where the door is
  3. so, ask to dev to have switches !! in the meantime, my first attempt is hard to start/trim ... (but once set it starts at each launch of the game and never stops) but now i have modified and simplified the process of a daylight sensor, it _seem_ (!) stable and reproducible in both creation and survival mode !! I'm going to test more to be sure, because is a little 'on the edge' .. if it run each time, I'll made a short video to show, ... but without speak because my english is not good
  4. yes, but a daylight sensor is a unique object, using a switch and a solar panel to made a daylight sensor let you can made many other things ... and in my 1st post i write that the energy to operate the switch can be 0.01u/s, NO it must be 0.00u/s as worklight ... will be beter
  5. I inadvertently created an XOR gate probably by using an little bug because I do not understand why it works , moreover it is difficult to reproduce. but it's so coool to can use few logic Xorgate2.mp4
  6. Can we have 2 new item, 2 remote-controlled switch (one default off, other default on) size like medium platform A ? They would have for function to switch off / on an energy flow, control would be through an energy flow whose intensity does not matter (0.1 U?) The item would have 2 connector for the main flow, without any particular sense and 2 connector for the control flow to use to choose one of the two depending on the ease. I think it should not be too complicated and these 2 little things would bring a lot of fun in the game !! Please Please ...
  7. I confirm the bug , [1.6.49][PC] , also on extra large curved platform U need to made (or try) something that use the gas placed in chemical lab to remove it ASTRONEER 01_11_2019 21_06_45.mp4
  8. A folded landing pad has its top indicator turned green and can be deployed, but not work. U can leave the planet but when coming back from space, there is no bubble on it ! I noticed that it is possible to be warned of this bug (and avoid a trip without return): if the "magnetic centering" of the shuttle on the landing pad does not work then there will be no bubble. It only takes a very little bit of free space around to make it operational again. Thus the conditions of deployment of the landing pad are not the same as those of landing ...
  9. i think it breaks the gaming experience ... in coop, often we decide to not use them . it's more funny to explore and extract , imo but if you like to build huge base, if you are more a builder than an explorer it is probably useful ! currently, instead of "building", we explore to play in a minimalist way, complete the game with only few platform, medium rocket, no rover.. using things found abandoned instead of building, and there's really a way to end the game with very very few resources and energy ! in any case, it's an interesting experience too
  10. When you know the game better, you will not like to use the soil centrifuge or the trade platform
  11. No, u see beacon, compas, pointer on the ground, sometime object highligted ...
  12. Possible that the camera takes only a photo of 'reality', without label, tag, pointer, highlight etc. ? It would make more sense to me ! And if we could have a better definition (bigger that the screen ?) it would be fantastic
  13. No, like the little 'flowers' that gives few bytes, if you get lost at the beginning of the game, you have to be able with the resources you find and the debris to make enough to survive and thus unlock basic things without use research chamber. But tetrahedron that opens with resource or power, should be removed, ok ! moreover it is not pretty in the landscape and there are far tooooo many.
  14. I see that some ask for a map, or a gps coordinate system. But, i'm not ok with that, for me, one of the charms of this game is precisely the possibility to get lost, walking (or driving) in these so special environments ... It's already much easier to end up now with the portals, before we only had the compass, the sun or the stars ... (how many early gamer lost hours to get back to their base ?) so, please don't add map to not change a part of the spirit of the game
  15. No, bad idea i think, u need be able to unlock some little basic item without research chamber