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  1. Nouse4anick PC - medium storage canisters seem broken

    update: so I filled a bunch of containers on the trailer (not on the storage silo), put them all on the silo full, then tried the crane drill and it had the flames on the side (meaning full canisters) using the drill/paver and going up it does pull from the canisters, and apparently it does fill them as well. hopped back onto the crane to top off the canisters and it does top it off. now i'm starting to wonder if when 'filling' from the drill/paver or the crane it just dumps into all empty/partial containers instead of filling one at a time. can anyone confirm?
  2. I got what might be a false positive for the idp.alexa.51 virus (I use avast), did some reading and apparently a lot of people are having issues with some games... which is odd because I was just playing yesterday with no issue what so ever.
  3. Nouse4anick PC - medium storage canisters seem broken

    so when i attach the canisters directly to the rover (either the main or the trailer) they feed the same no matter what. when they are on the storage silo they will feed the paver but from what I can tell they do not collect soil.
  4. its been a month or two since I last played, but when I had last played I had a bunch of medium canisters on a large storage silo on a large rover with a drill crane and drill/paver combo on the front. when i used the drill crane it would auto fill all the medium canisters to capacity. however now it does nothing except when the canisters are directly on the rover. I believe that they also don't fill with the paver/drill combo when i'm tunneling. is this behavior broken intentionally or is it a bug?
  5. in the alpha versions you could place a medium storage on the same platform full of a smelt-able material (clay for example) and if the smelter was on it would automatically pull the ores and smelt them then return them to an open location. Apparently this is broken in the last few versions I've seen. to recreate: build an extra large platform c, place a soil extractor on one side of the center, and a smelter on the other side so their backs are together (this is my current set up). place any form of empty storage on the smelter end (couple of medium storage units for example) and some full soil containers on the other end. select clay or quartz and activate the soil extractor. once done I would expect the output to go to the next available storage spot then for the smelter to pull it for processing.