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  1. jlarry999

    (Suggestion) Walls and extendable walls

    I could see that, if the game still had the 'spike balls of death'! LOL!
  2. jlarry999

    electric bike

    As long as we can 'paint' it! But would be more like a off-road bike, then a scooter! Or a scooter-like bike with off-road tires!
  3. jlarry999

    Can't lift broken vehicles?

    They need to fix this 1 way or another, either we can scrap them all, or none at all! & if it is none, then they should be removed from the game! & that goes for platforms too! Especially platforms we aren't using at all anymore!
  4. jlarry999


    What if we(all) had a special storage ring, with 8 small storages on each side! But, when you add the relics from each planet core to it, & the control crystal appears in the 8th spot(same side)! You would need RTGs to power it(6, max), 1 for each other planet! It opens a gateway to a "Big Purple" on other worlds, by selecting that worlds relic, & activating it through the control crystal! However, if you build other gateways, on other planets, then you'd go only need through the gateways! The Ring would need to be big enough for large packaged items to pass through it! Small & medium items can pass through ok, without being packaged! Small & medium rover can be driven through the gateways, but not large rovers(but packaged large rovers can passed though the gateways)! Once every planet has a working gateway, & the player has passed between each planet several times(at least once to each planet, & back), the gateway(on whatever planet your on), suddenly activates! & the unknown human(from the Pathfinder event), shows up, & beckons you(player) to follow him/her(we don't really know)! & after a few additional beckons, your character pops off everything on their backpack(maybe not the jump jets), & either runs to, or flies to the opened gateway, & along with the unknown humanoid, both disappear into the gateway, together! Then the games ends, or does it?!
  5. jlarry999

    Sticky research bytes?!

    I've noticed that when I doing research(collecting bytes), that the byte counter sticks, & remains stuck! But, I've found that if I go & do 8-9 or so research samples(small research), the counter un-sticks! However, when I start a new set of research, the counter sticks again! I've probably lost several thousand bytes, from the counter, not counting them! I don't care about the lost bytes! Just please fix the 'issue'! P.S. I use my "Research Train' for byte collecting! See added image!
  6. jlarry999

    Can't lift broken vehicles?

    Doesn't always fix the issue! I have more than several broken rovers, that I've completely dug out, but can't lift them!
  7. jlarry999

    Screenshots Megathread

    Un-kill-able? No choice, but to bury it alive!
  8. jlarry999

    Screenshots Megathread

    See the irony, for yourself! 2 moon bases in the same location!
  9. jlarry999

    Upgrades for all!

    Touch of Grey, The Smelter, & Soil Centrifuge could have 2 spots where stuff is smelted &/or 2 spots for 2 canisters that can be emptied simultaneously! The trade platform could also have 2 displays for 2 trades on 1 trade rocket! The Atmosphere Condenser, could be like the Soil Centrifuge, with 2 spots for filling canisters more quickly! This would not only be good for late game, but for multiplayer too! I think Slip was talking about the Hydrazine on my small shuttle! But, I'm only guessing! LOL! & yes, 48 RTGs is a lot but not enough power for my base(as you can see)! It's gets loud at my base, because of all the RTGs!! I run the game with lower volumes on things!
  10. jlarry999

    Screenshots Megathread

    Need lots of bytes? This is the way to get-r-done!!!
  11. jlarry999

    Upgrades for all!

    Upgrade the Smelter so it can smelt 2 items at once! Otherwise, we'd need 2 Smelters running, once you get into late game! Also, the Trade platform should be able to trade for more than 1 item at a time! Saw someone recommend upgrading the Soil Centrifuge to do multiple canisters, & multiple options at once! But seriously, you'd(players) have to run 2 of everything! & maybe think about a new larger source of power!!! See attached pic! Notice the power level on the platform(the little circle at the end)! 48 RTGs!!! Just so you know, & it's still not enough power!!!
  12. jlarry999

    Is this the new way for Resource gathering?

    I hope so Touch of Grey, I hope so! Last I was on, I was on my way to get 1 Mil bytes! lol! Just for something to do!
  13. jlarry999

    Is this the new way for Resource gathering?

    I even have a rover seat added to a large storage silo-B on a large shuttle! If ever I do a multi-player with someone! & added an oxygenator just to be sure that my passenger arrives, alive! lol! But, still don't have a 'friend' to multi-player with!
  14. jlarry999

    Screenshots Megathread

    Power overwhelming!!! LOL! 48 RTGs!!! No joking!!!