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  1. jlarry999

    Screenshots Megathread

    Need lots of bytes? This is the way to get-r-done!!!
  2. jlarry999

    Upgrades for all!

    Upgrade the Smelter so it can smelt 2 items at once! Otherwise, we'd need 2 Smelters running, once you get into late game! Also, the Trade platform should be able to trade for more than 1 item at a time! Saw someone recommend upgrading the Soil Centrifuge to do multiple canisters, & multiple options at once! But seriously, you'd(players) have to run 2 of everything! & maybe think about a new larger source of power!!! See attached pic! Notice the power level on the platform(the little circle at the end)! 48 RTGs!!! Just so you know, & it's still not enough power!!!
  3. jlarry999

    Is this the new way for Resource gathering?

    I hope so Touch of Grey, I hope so! Last I was on, I was on my way to get 1 Mil bytes! lol! Just for something to do!
  4. jlarry999

    Is this the new way for Resource gathering?

    I even have a rover seat added to a large storage silo-B on a large shuttle! If ever I do a multi-player with someone! & added an oxygenator just to be sure that my passenger arrives, alive! lol! But, still don't have a 'friend' to multi-player with!
  5. jlarry999

    Screenshots Megathread

    Power overwhelming!!! LOL! 48 RTGs!!! No joking!!!