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  1. +1 We need a claw tool to pick up objects you cant normally pick up like large wrecks and that can place items in empty slots in your vehicle like placing research items in storage silos ! Driving while digging makes a lot of sense, we also need to be able to use the drill to add terrain and flatten the road like the ctrl and alt functions of the terrain tool so that we can remove bumps and build bridges without leaving the vehicle. And maybe a T1 slot either on the drill or on the crane where we can add a worklight or possibly augments to help with the mining process could be cool.
  2. I agree that bytes get useless after mid to late game. I have two medium silos full of packed up research items but i dont even need to research them since i unlocked pretty much everyting. It is a good idea to make them required in printing but maybe exclusive to more advanced items like rovers shelters or shuttles. Maybe we could also use them in trading off world resources alongside scrap. One piece of hematite could cost 1 scrap and 50 bytes maybe? We could also use them in the chemistry lab as synthesizing two materials would require some computer power. Hunting for research items is pretty fun, I built a research rover which was a good pass time but now i have no use for it
  3. +1 that always bothered me that the centrifuge looked unbalanced
  4. i have been playing on two different computers as ive been travelling around lately. this method has really helped me get my saves synched: hope it helps until they implement steamcloud :)