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  1. Apparently this bug has been around for more than a year and still isn't fixed - the game does not launch on the PRIMARY display. Come on guys, this basic kind of stuff should not be in a RELEASE of your game.
  2. Caelib

    This game is beyond awful

    Learn to read:
  3. Caelib

    Unimpressive Start for a would-be Developper

    Firstly, you should be grateful that you're even getting pre-release games on a console. Second, just like you're enjoying your holiday break - I'm sure the developers are too. Honestly, stop being a little impatient kiddie and learn how the world works before you make a fool of yourself. If you want the benefits of being a PC gamer, then go buy a PC.
  4. It's a pre-Alpha game, you have only yourself to blame for any frustration.
  5. I started a new save with this beta patch and have been playing for 3 - 4 hours without any new issues and have "exercised" quite a bit of the functionality in the process -- unlocked most of the research items and traveled to Barren and built stuff there.
  6. Caelib

    Base Building Suggestions

    I thought of something else to add to my suggestion about a less rigid linking system for base building: if we had different type of tether for connecting base pieces, that would be ideal. This could work similar to existing tether but be a larger cable and cost, say, 4 resin to make a few sections.
  7. I've been playing the game for several days now - I absolutely love it and I have some suggestions for future design: The Habitat module is a good start for the pre-alpha version of the game, but I would like to see this expanded out a lot more to give the player more to do. For example, this should be broken up in multiple structures/systems - since this is a survival game, I feel like we really need some true life support systems: 1) oxygen/water + RTG (for low-level life support power) 2) garden/greenhouse (small/med/large - based on crew members) 3) crew quarters (1/2/3 crew member versions) The linking of structures together feels a bit too rigid. The length should be variable up to 25 meters and placement should be chosen by the player via point-and-click. This would make building underground bases a lot more practical because creating nodes above ground with wind and solar would be easier. This leads me into my next topic: storms. I love them -- but they should also damage/destroy base structures, which would force players to build underground or repair them.
  8. Caelib


    This is MUCH appreciated, thanks!
  9. Caelib

    One button pickup

    On PC it is Shift+Click .. there's probably something similar on a controller.
  10. Just a simple request - need the ability to delete a save game from the UI.
  11. Upon entering into orbit and establishing habitats in multiple "zones", there's no good way to differentiate between them. Suggestions for improvement: 1) create a tooltip/popup over the "Home" tag for a habitat that shows the date/time that it was created? -OR- 2) allow the player to label each habitat or zone. -OR- 3) give every zone a unique name that displays from orbit