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    Some ideas

    What I meant by this is that when you travel to a new planet, I often end up building a dedicated landing pad there instead of the landing location it chose for me when I clicked the bubble. The problem is that now when I travel back here, my landing pad and the landing zone that was already there overlap with each other and sometimes it's hard to land at the landing pad. I propose that if you play a landing pad inside a landing zone bubble, the old bubble is replaced with the new landing pad bubble instead of overlapping.
  2. morty

    Some ideas

    I agree that many of the hardcore ideas are player options but being enforced by a hardcore mode you can enable would be better than just letting the player self-enforce the restriction because many of us don't have the ability to adhere to self-imposed rules. There is no true fear in knowing that if you die, then you could just ignore your own rule and keep trucking. I want it to be enforced on me haha.
  3. morty

    Some ideas

    Oops, posted too fast and can't edit anymore. Some more: Smart generators that only kick in when insufficient power. Railway system you can build a train/railway from your base into a cave system to automatically transport out materials. Making the drill mods required to penetrate tougher soil (hardcore mode). This would prevent the "dig to the core for easy Astronium research" method of gaining bytes fast. The idea would be that to get to Astronium, a level 3 drill mod would be required which requires you to first head to Desolo to get Wolframite. Either that or don't allow researching raw materials in hardcore mode, only research samples.
  4. morty

    Some ideas

    First off, I love this game. I've been thinking of a few ideas that would be awesome to see. This has probably been posted before but I think a hardcore mode would be amazing for this game: No instant researching, everything must be researched through the research chamber. If you die, it's game over, no respawning. Tweakable costs, like double/triple crafting costs, and also reduced research effectiveness. Effectively making the game even more grindy. 😁 Also, some other ideas that would be nice to see: Placing a landing pad inside a landing zone will replace the old landing zone so they aren't overlapping each other when orbiting the planet. A new terrain tool mod that works sort of like the alignment mod but locks to an elevation like how the terrain analyzer locks to a terrain colour. This would allow us to create a "flat" (not true-flat) base that aligned to the core of the planet but locked to the same elevation so you don't have big dips, etc. The ability to move the starting habitat and landing pad and to dig the unbreakable terrain. Also, generally just more materials, crafting, planets, and end game content. I would pay for DLC as I'm in love with this game!