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  1. Back when Astroneer was just an art project of mine I always imagined the packages they'd send or receive would be packed with edible packing peanuts. You'd literally eat the stuffing of a package to survive.
  2. I'll clarify: That forum was made so we could get a window in to what folks want out of the game and the kinds of experiences they're hoping to have with Astroneer. That forum and the posts within are not guaranteed to be read, let alone 'implemented' in the game. We do our best to read them all but things will get missed. Also, in game development we're planning months and a year ahead. We have our road map laid out and understood months ahead of time. As a team we have a general understanding of what our entire 2020 year will look like for releases, features, and updates. Typically the sugge
  3. We've always been interested in the challenge of mass-quantity storage in a game like ours that normally has all of its inventory represented physically, and not through menus. There's some good ideas in here for how that may (or may not) be achieved.
  4. I think you'll like some updates we have planned for this year
  5. Thanks for the post I'll pass this along to others on the team, especially about updating the forum with some of those requests and what's under our capacity to manage. For the suggestions shared here: we do read them, for what it's worth. While our team is primarily active on our Discord but we do see and talk a lot about things found else where, including here. We also read Discord, Twitter, Reddit, IG, etc. but I think the challenge is the capacity of those on the team to respond to everything they see. We just can't, but we do try to respond to things we see that we want to follow-up o
  6. I doubt we'll do side-by-sides but will certainly show the changes as they get released. Are there particular updates to the planets you'd like to see?
  7. Marcher74 nailed it and I mentioned more in detail in the other thread, but I really like learning from Epic in how they've engaged their players with Fornite and the events around it. That's all All the other games being mentioned we certainly look to for inspiration.
  8. What TMarcher74 said (Also @TMarcher74 those game give us inspiraiton as well. I was just listing MC and Fornite as either ends of the spectrum of games we look at (survival + ingenuity on one end, events and player moments on the other.). The games you listed fall somewhere in between those
  9. Bron! Thank you for this honest write up. FWIW I remember your posts from a while back, too. There's a lot said here and I can't spend the time it'd take to reply to it all so I'll try and be frank: I found myself agreeing with a lot of what you wrote but also know that I love Astroneer as it is, now. I think its fair to say, especially in the early PRE pre-alpha days, there was no 'big picture' of Astroneer. We knew the direction we wanted to point the cannon but we weren't sure what the cannon ball would look like. Leading in to 1.0 we had a clearer picture of the cannon ball but knew, for
  10. Great post and I find myself agreeing with a lot of it! Personally, I tend to be the kind of player that, if I want that kind of challenge, I give it to myself and play that way. I say that with full acknowledgement it isn't fair of us to ask you to put that kind of restriction on to yourself and that its always better for the game to do that for you. A lot of or goals for 2020 stem around this kind of feedback so I'll be sure to share it with a few folks on the team that'd benefit from reading it. Thanks again for sharing. Adam
  11. Wow, great post and thanks for speaking honestly. I really like your ideas and appreciate the use of "M Class Planet". I often think of Star Trek when we're talking about Astroneer so that was cool to read. We always planned on updating, patching, and evolving Astroneer after the 1.0 release so hopefully it's cool that we continue to do that. At System Era we look to games (like Minecraft and Fortnite to name a couple) and our own experiences as game developers as reference and resources for how we want to continue to expand Astro. Suggestions and criticisms we read online help us dete
  12. I hear you and thanks for being honest. The type of stuff you want in the game is the same stuff I want in the game, for what its worth. The core concept of Astroneer remains true, but the game is about so much more than that so we build upon everything and not just one thing. If you've been following since early access I can understand the perspective you have, but the game has evolved so much since then to be a game for many types of players wanting many types of experiences from the game. I feel the opposite of you, where throughout development we learned from our players the many ways t
  13. It's also good that I point out our road map in this discussion: There is tons of content on there that scratches the itches mentioned in this thread and they all take months to do. And - we're going to do them. We are doing them. Many things on there are being actively worked on to some degree. But the thing I hope folks consider when they're wondering where the content they want is, is that Astroneer is as much a Survival game as it is a sandbox game. And its a playful one at that. Astroneer is a game where Atmospheric Condense