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  1. SES_Adam

    Unique planet mechanics / hazards

    I love the idea of tying status effects and hazard types to planets. Also that art is dope as heck
  2. SES_Adam

    Buggy Rebalance

    Without saying too much else: We agree! +1
  3. SES_Adam

    My Ideas for Late game

    Nice ideas!
  4. SES_Adam

    Ideas for late-game material

    love these ideas and where your head is at with Astroneer. Thanks for sharing
  5. SES_Adam

    ASTROpack: advanced backpack!

    Custom Backpacks would be dooooooooope
  6. SES_Adam

    Astroneer Distances

    This is pretty much it, yup. More info: Planets are ~120,000 units radius. Moons are ~60,000 units radius. I use ~ because their topology will have an effect on the overall radius. The base sphere we build planets on top of for both those types of planetary objects start at those radius values.
  7. SES_Adam

    Glowstick Improvement Ideas

    Colours and life-remaining indications. Got it. ✔
  8. SES_Adam

    (for SES_Adam) A Dream Come True

  9. SES_Adam

    A smattering of ideas I'd had

    What would the claw do once it's grabbed things? 100% on the winch. Good thinkin'. Love it. We've brainstormed on ways to do that, including where the wear/tear is coloured after the terrain those things rest/lay/stand/run on. Most decorators should be destructible by vehicles/heavy locomotion but aren't (yet) Having the Floodlight follow the player cursor is an interesting idea. Maybe as a Toggled option? Great idea on the Analyzer adding a name to the color. Just shared this as QOL to the team! General Lee horn, got it. Awoooga. Jetpacks on buggies ARE YOU INSANE? 😎 Oh interesting idea on mass-toggling things connected to storage. Not bad! I thiiiiiiiiiiink Aaron was playing around with options like that. (Edit: Just got back to my desk after asking Aaron. Be on the look out for FUN NEW THINGS in a very-upcoming update that you may like, with regards to this specific suggestion). Great ideas, thanks for sharing!
  10. One of the Easter Egg's which I am sure you've found: When the game was still in Unity many years ago it was called "Space Burrito" as a code-name. We pay homage to that somewhere in the game.
  11. SES_Adam

    Suggestions to System Era

    Hey, those are some very reasonable suggestions! We've heard similar requests from players for a few of those, but I particularly like your attention to Research and how you'd like to interact with it. There's some definite food for thought in there - thank you!
  12. Done, read em all and posted on a few. Some of these are things we're already thinking on or working on to some capacity, too 🤔
  13. ...maybe there already is some easter eggs in the game nobody has found...
  14. Gonna reply again because I am seeing it again - great work! Our main inspiration for the main menu was 2 things: 1 - NASA's approach to user interface on their instrument panels. (THere's a lot of reasoning they look so bland, but readable) 2 - Nutrition Labels! They pack a ton of information in to a small, hierarchical layout that is easy to follow and understand. Also bland, lol. So we tried to be inspired by them while adding some polish where we can to bring it out of the 'bland' territory, but i can see how it'd still feel that way when it is compared to yours. Great work
  15. SES_Adam

    Who like pizza?

    lol shared this one with the team.