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  1. As I was editing my LEM video and I got to thinking, wouldn't it be great to have it as a permanent part of the game! Maybe it can be something you can unlock after you have built a large rocket. Then the LEM can be loaded into the rocket. You can orbit a planet with a large rocket and have an option to descend to the planet surface in the LEM! When you are done then hop in the Lem and thrust back up to your rocket which of course you would have to time it right in order to intercept or you'll be stuck waiting until you orbit back to rocket's trajectory. What do ya think Devs, huh, hun, can we have it, pleeeease 🤤??
  2. Thank you for your responce.
  3. that would be awesome too, Grey!
  4. Soil Centrifuge will not unload until I close the game and go back in. This bug came up for me after the recent Lunar Lander update to the game. Thank you.
  5. #ideas First of all, let me start by congratulating the SES Team on creating such a fun and absolutely beautiful game. I watched the documentary made about SES and I was very impressed with the passion and dedication this studio has despite the terrible tragedy that befell them. Thank you for carrying on! My suggestions- Sylva 1. Water...rivers, lakes, ocean 2. Wildlife on land and in the air. 3. regrowth of organics ie..grass, flowers, trees etc. 4. If you harvest a tree maybe it can leave a seed behind to replant and growth stages can take place over 30 game days?