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  1. I'm not on Xbox but thank you very much for the offer. I too hope they fix it - it is way more frustrating than a centrifuge jam.
  2. Ah. Thanks Kezrill. I had thought it was maybe something with the update. Sucks to be me. There was, of course, several hours of resources and creation on the ship plus some souvenirs that might be hard to replace. It would be nice if they could "code" them to a landing zone.
  3. I have been playing with my spouse using his game as the host for the last several weeks. This is the PC version We were switching planets in separate ships. I had pressed C to launch and then C to launch again when my game crashed. I tired to reload and it did not take me to the last location but to the launch screen. I tired to rejoin several times, reloaded the game, reloaded steam, restarted the computer. After the forth attempt I realized it had me at the launch screen as if I had never joined his game before. I pressed launch and it dropshipped me onto Sylva. The gear in my backpack was still with me but not my large shuttle with all my exploration gear and resources and stuff (like jetpacks and beach balls and so on). Where should I look for my ship?