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  1. Just unlocked the Large Rover in version, I've built enough for 3 Large Rovers (not enough resources to create a 4th yet; the max consist, unless it's changed), the 3 Large Rovers move just great, but the moment I add any sort of payload, Small Solar/Wind Turbine, Oxygenator, Small Storage, large storage, etc, the Large Rover consist of 3 does not move. If I reduce the consist to 2 Large Rovers, with a payload, it will move as expected. Either this is a bug or the consistent max has been changed, but I'm thinking if it had, then I wouldn't be able to connect or move 3 Large Rovers without any payload.
  2. I stored a habit on the back on a shuttle, had to leave the game, came back loaded it again and saw this... The habitat has placed itself without me telling it to when I loaded the save game. The new fixes in are great though.
  3. It just seems strange that it would "merge" the two saves (the one when I got into the spaceship on Terran and the one the moment I placed the habitat down on Barren), as the save game on the start menu was 25 ish minutes prior to the crash, I even went to the saved games folder and deleted the last autosave game that I assume it created when I placed the habitat, and I loaded the previous autosave, but it did have the date 1999 on it (so I assume it is semi reliant of both autosaves) and it still loaded the glitched habitat on the side of the spaceship. I can't remove the habitat from the large storage on the spaceship as I can't pick it up due to it having the extender enabled when you tell it you want it placed there permanently, and land from Barren on it, the good news is, it shuck it shelf into the ground and disappeared, the bad news is I lost a spaceship, 1 large stage, 1 small storage, 1 person vehicle seat (pre-planning for a rover), and several resources, but never mind, all can be replaced. Keep up the good work, loving the game.
  4. I've attached the save game incase you wanted to see for yourself lol. AUTOSAVE_4_2016.12.21-06.06.18 - Habitat glitch.sav
  5. My first venture the Barren from Terran, I placed a habitat down and clicked the "place down here" button, I ran back to the spaceship to grab some resin and fell into a hole I'd dug for copper ore, and fell through the map, game crashed. reloaded the save game (I wish there was a "save" option so you can name the save, as well as auto save, then I could've got back further) and the game loaded me back at Terran in the space with the habitat attached to the spaceship with Barren land attached to it and the habitat with the "placed down" extenders on it.
  6. impy1980

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    The lag since the tether beta seems to have gone, but having issues with the back pack,. first items that are attached glitch and appear away from the back pack and in mid air, and I can't seem to make anything with Compound in my back pack. I've also been getting crashes when I've clicked load game, getting an Unreal process has crashed message box. The game had always been stable for me until trying the tether beta fix. Loving the game though, it's awesome for a pre-alpha.
  7. I think there should be a deconstruction tool, or be able to delete items, and downgrade platforms (I don't mind if that's deconstruction and rebuild. With the small platforms it's too easy to accidentally turn them into large platforms if you have resin in your back pack. Also if you make a mistake or don't like the configuration of the vehicles, if should be possible to remove the large items.