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    Project: Center of Moon

    Yeah, the gravity gets funny in the center, I'm the one who did the same (similar) in Terran.
  2. Yes, same happens to me, and if I press one of the pipe lines game crashes (in video). Also there are some visual bugs when loading the game after any update, as can be seen before I get out of the spaceship.
  3. Sugsaggu

    Visual Bug

    I have a couple of visual bugs in patch on Steam. It goes away when I remove some land in there.
  4. Sugsaggu

    How deep can you dig into the planet?

    I used about 14 packs of tethers to reach the "core" in the starter planet. You can probably use less, I didn't use the full length of the tether range.
  5. I decided to go to the center of the planet to see what was waiting for me there. I must admit it was kind of fun, then it was not.
  6. Yes, same here. Only when you load a saved game.
  7. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Mouse/keyboard. Steam? Xbox? Steam. What were you doing leading up to this bug? Trading stuff in Trade Platform. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Please, see video attached.