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  1. I've intentionally stayed away from Astroneer for the last three or four patches. But since they have switched to naming the patches, I decided to try out "The Excavation Update" (Patch 215). Before actually patching my game I watched several streamers playing the new update. Some of them voiced their concerns... some were silent, with their struggle to control the rover & truck being obvious. However overall I'm liking the patch fairly well. This topic has been around since the beginning. A search for Vehicle Controls will show six topics from back in December (the days of first release), and it has been discussed in many other threads from that time to the present. This thread is not really a Suggestion or Idea, but rather a question to SES as to if they plan to "correct / fix" the control scheme. Maybe they have a technical reason preventing a change to the control scheme (such as it won't work for both PC & Console versions). Maybe they plan to implement conventional controls in an upcoming patch. In any case, I would be interested to hear what they have to say... as well as other players. My personal viewpoint: The camera should be separated and independent from the vehicle controls. In other words, WASD (or joystick) should make the vehicle move relative to the front of the vehicle, regardless of where the camera is pointing. For example let's say you're pressing 'W' to drive forward to the East, while at the same time you pan the camera to look South. If you keep pressing 'W' the vehicle should continue moving East, even when you pan the camera to the South. For clarity, because seats may be placed on both ends of a vehicle, the "front" is the direction the driver is facing.
  2. Pi_

    Vehicle Controls

    I would not mind at all if they offered the option to have both for the Halo addicts. However, based on all the discussion about this topic in numerous threads from when the game was first released, the vast majority of gamers prefer a conventional control scheme. And that's not even counting all the people I've seen streaming the game over the last eleven months who complained about the controls. It's not really even a matter of preference, but rather necessity. The nature of this game demands a more precise and predictable form of driving controls. Thankfully the devs have listened and confirmed a complete overhaul of the controls is coming. Yay!
  3. For whatever reason, the forums are usually the last place that new info is posted. And being that this is a holiday weekend, it will likely be Monday before it's posted here. However, I would be happy to be wrong *doesn't hold breath*
  4. I've stayed away the last few patches, but came back for Patch 215 (The Excavation Update). So my first time finding the Hubble satellite I noticed there is not a socket to plug in a power nugget. Also the "prize" compartment was already opened... btw is was dynamite. So I guess they have removed the mini game?
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    Mr. Rover Rover

    The following quote taken from the Patch 221 thread...
  6. Sadly no, however there are two alternatives to purchasing the game on Steam. 1) Xbox One store 2) Microsoft store... this is the PC version of the game (Windows 10). Note: Do not go to the Microsoft store website, instead use the Microsoft Store app on your computer's Start Menu. Both of these options have a built in feature called Play Anywhere. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/xbox-play-anywhere While Astroneer does support multiplayer, be aware: Steam players can only play with other Steam players. Xbox players can only play with other Xbox players, AND with other Microsoft Store players. Steam players can NOT play with Xbox or Microsoft Store players.
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    Vehicle Controls

    OK Joe, you've got yourself a bet. That's one bet that I look forward to losing
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    Vehicle Controls

    The following quote taken from today's Patch 221 thread... Fantastic news! So the obvious question becomes, what is the Over/Under for the time until 1.0 launch? A conservative estimate would be One Year. I'll go on record and take the Over, but only slightly... like 13 months. That would make the 1.0 launch in December 2018, which is the 2nd anniversary of early access release. If it turns out to be the Under, all the better. Either way, this is worth waiting for! So to everyone at SES, a classic movie quote: "Good luck, we're all counting on you."
  9. Pi_

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Joe, we're guessing this is just a typo, and the actual version number is 0.4.10221.0... can you confirm? Unfortunately the update has not made it yet to the Windows store, so the in-game version number is still showing patch 219.
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    Glad to see that another person agrees! Hopefully the many players who feel the same will speak up and join us.
  11. Pi_

    Planetarium Module (see image)

    It's a good idea, but there should be a prerequisite before it will display the solar system information. For example, first you would have to launch a scanning satellite. To build the scanning satellite, you would have to scavenge the parts from crashed ships & satellites found on the surface (or down in caves) on Terran. Maybe that would be a good use for the thruster which is already in the game. Also you would have to process fuel (Ammonium) for the satellite.
  12. Pi_

    Managing saved games

    I think he's talking about that small craft with the landing legs.
  13. Pi_

    Weird Marble I found

    Grats on finding a Zebra ball, one down and two to go. I still have never found the elusive Checkered Flag ball
  14. The new rover designs are indeed cool. But I'm still hoping, desperately hoping, even pleading, that they implement a conventional vehicle control scheme. Namely, separating the steering from the camera.
  15. Pi_

    Vehicle Controls

    That's hilarious, I actually laughed out loud! Nice one Tim
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    New Save For Each Patch?

    This is old news for anyone who checks the forums fairly often, but in case that guy comes back some day...
  17. So Aaron mentioned that we will have to provide the empty canisters. Maybe I missed it, but does this mean that we will need to craft canisters? If so, will canisters be included in default crafting menu of the backpack? Or will they be migrated into the research system?
  18. Pi_

    What is taking System Era so long

    Speaking as an early adopter of the game (meaning back in December), it seems like it was more fun to play in those early days. Granted the development has been slow, but the team was only half of what it is now. And there have been some good things happen recently... like fixing the smelter. Now that they've switched game engines, I would hope to see them addressing bugs at a faster rate than introducing new content... like fixing the gravity and vehicle control scheme. Regardless, I'm anxious to see how they progress.
  19. Pi_

    How about an option to give labels on beacons ?

    Posting this for all those who were not around during the early days of the forum...
  20. Now that the "smelter warning" will soon be obsolete when watching new players stream the game, one more time for posterity... Be careful when using the smelter, if there is not an open storage slot on the platform for each input nugget, the output gets deleted. Well done fixing the smelter guys, thank you!
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    Welcome Elijah!

    Good to have you onboard Elijah. Looking forward to what you have in store for us!
  22. Pi_

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    Because the interns who actually do the certifying are wearing earbuds, listening to Despacito (according to Billboard)
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    Hang in there Devon, hope is on the horizon!
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    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    There is finally light at the end of the 6 month long tunnel!