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    OK, what is it?

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    A bit dry right now

    Based on what they have done over the last 12 months, they seem to release a new patch every month. So the next patch should be here in about 2 weeks. As for something cool to look forward to, all we have is the roadmap, and the Vlogs. https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap https://forum.systemera.net/forum/11-announcements/ Be aware that the most recent Vlog will no longer be posted in the normal Vlog forum. However the previous Vlogs can still be found there. https://forum.systemera.net/forum/12-announcements/
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    Astroneer Backstory... bit 'o fun

    In a different thread, somebody else was wondering about the backstory... The astroneers would be well aware of why they're there, as they have experienced first hand the events leading up to their current situation. But I liked his idea of finding a journal. Since I already had a backstory in outline form, I adapted it to incorporate the journal. At the beginning of the game, the devs would give us some kind of mechanic to access the Station Log. However a bit of the story would be missing. We wouldn't know that missing bit until we found the journal. It could be on the backpack of a dead astroneer, or a standalone device somewhere down in a cave. The journal would tell the missing part of the story from the dead astroneer's perspective. Station Log Journal Backstory Outline
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    Landing Sites

    Like SHB, the planet is procedurally generated each time you start a new game. So the landscape where the habitat lands will be different each time. However that landing zone when starting a new game will always be on the equator of the planet. Right now, there is no manual flight control. All flight mechanics are on rails. However the devs have said that manual flight control is something that might be added later.
  5. Yeah, it's a double edged sword. We bought into the early access development model, which means that we experience all the growing pains of a work in process. On the flipside, if they didn't go the early access route, they likely wouldn't have the money to finish the game. But I suspect a BOP will implemented before we get to the full release. And, it is pretty fun experiencing this game develop, and having some say in what needs to be changed.
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    Story and it's Progression

    The astroneers would be well aware of why they're there, as they have experienced first hand the events leading up to their current situation. Perhaps the devs somehow will give us access to the Station Log at the beginning of the game. However this would only tell part of the story. To get the full story is where your idea of a journal would come into play. The journal could be found on the backpack of a dead astroneer. It would tell the missing part of the story from his perspective. This would be a cool game mechanic to get the full backstory. Station Log Journal
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    Rover Controls and completely bonkers

    Ah, a new group of players struggling with vehicle controls. Welcome to the club guys! Sorry I'm just now seeing this thread, else I would have welcomed you all sooner. The vehicle controls have been one of our top complaints since the beginning... Thankfully the devs have heard us, and they've confirmed a fix is planned. The following quote taken from the Patch 221 notes...
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    How to make a leveled ground surface?

    The way it works is, it clones the angle of the polygon that the center of the reticle is touching... and it continues cloning that same angle until you let off the mouse button. To select a different angle to clone, let off the button and start again. So to build a ramp downward (or upward), you first have to start on a piece of terrain with the slope that you want to clone. If the terrain is not angled down enough, try digging just a bit, then start using the tool on the spot where the terrain is angled downward. It definitely takes practice, so keep trying and you'll soon get the hang of it.
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    Vehicle Update

    Howdy, and welcome to the club The vehicle controls have been one of our top complaints since the beginning (Dec 2016). Thankfully the devs have heard us, and they've confirmed a fix is planned. The following quote taken from the Patch 221 notes...
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    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Fixed broken image link from original post on page 1...
  11. IIRC, the extension port is a one time use only per ship... it's not the terrain. So you would have to build a new ship and land there to use it's port.
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    I can't locate a Research Chamber

    Just for clarity... you built a Research module (on the other side of the planet), by using the extension port from a shuttle/spaceship? And then you took off in the ship, which left the Research module there by itself? You had to click one of the natural LZ markers in the first place to land there. So if you can't remember which one it was, unfortunately you'll have to visit each LZ until you find the right one.
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    Astroneer - Should You Buy This Game?!

    I didn't notice the tags, my bad, sorry Wyvy & Roch. I was in the process of editing my previous post, but it wouldn't save because the timer ran out.
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    Astroneer - Should You Buy This Game?!

    This thread's title is click bait. It appears that @Roch Gaming is asking us for our advice as to whether he should get the game or not. Maybe change the title to: Astroneer - Should YOU Buy This Game?!
  15. Looks like you put a lot of thought into that, good job. Quick editorial tip for your writing style: Avoid the dreaded "Wall Of Text"... which means mix in some line breaks (paragraphs). Your readers will thank you.
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    Rover driving dynamics

    Welcome to the club brother, although I'm on the PC side of the house, all are welcome And don't despair, help is on the horizon. The following quote is from the Patch 221 thread.
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    space shuttle platform

    @sKudd sorry you could not find it, but rest assured the dedicated landing platform has been suggested many times, and the devs are aware. My idea for how it could work: When the vehicle bay prints a shuttle or spaceship, a special type of beacon is included called the LZ Beacon. It would be attached to one of the fuel canister receptacles or any of the open slots. Naturally it's removable and could be carried in your backpack like a normal beacon. So wherever you decide to place that beacon, it becomes a dedicated landing zone... and that beacon would only allow that specific ship to land there. So how would this work if you wanted multiple landing zones on each planet? Glad you asked. There would be a new type of module for your base that you would spend research bytes to unlock. The purpose of this module would be to clone the original LZ Beacon. The naturally occurring landing zones would still be on each planet of course. What about situations where there may be several ships, in both single & multiplayer games? There would be a scanner incorporated into each ship. So when you're in orbit of a planet, if any LZ Beacons matching your ship are detected, they will be displayed like the naturally occurring landing zone markers. Similar to normal beacons, when you place your LZ Beacon you would choose a color or some other way to distinguish it from the natural blue colored landing zones. Now, if the devs implement manual flight capabilities for shuttles & spaceships, then landing zones as we know them currently would no longer be needed. However I suspect they would keep the landing zone mechanic for automated landings, even if manual flight gets added.
  18. The base modularity ideas seem pretty cool. And I like how the new Habitat will feature visible extension ports, and that they've added 2 ports. I'm wondering if the expansion nodes will have that same feature? I wish Joe would have gave us a detailed look at what the guy was working on at 1:45 in the video. That new "whip stalk" plant looks like it could be used for base perimeter defense, similar to the spiker mushrooms... that is if it spawns seeds. Maybe they'll make it so you can dig up the entire plant and transport it back to base, like we do with research pods. With all due respect to Gene & Sam, the final three minutes of the vlog seems like unnecessary fluff at this point in the development. Do we really need more emote animations right now? I suspect they've already completed the core-game artwork, but they're saving it to show later. Or, we might not even see the "important" artwork until it's released in a future patch.
  19. Pi_

    Overwhelm by the over saturation

    Yeah, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to ask for more to the backstory, thanks for the prodding. As for the station... it refers more to a location/facility rather than being stationary. But yes, it would normally remain stationary after being placed in orbit. Naturally it would need some form of self contained propulsion to get there. I suppose the astroneers could have used a space tug to tow it into positon. In either case, it had some means of getting out of harms way. After all, even the real life International Space Station can change it's trajectory, albeit only to a small degree, in order to avoid collisions with space junk... or an approaching asteroid/comet if detected early enough. As for the satellites & thrusters... maybe we'll have to suspend disbelief a bit (similar to how we accept that astroneers have such a thing as the Terrain Tool). As it turns out, when the "mobile station" reached safety it was determined that the asteroid field was moving through the solar system in waves. Between the waves there were periods of calm... like the eye of a hurricane. These periods of calm were not long enough to allow the station to rescue the stranded astoneers. However, those brave souls who were sheltering in caves emerged during the calm periods. They managed to drag several satellites & thrusters into the caves in an attempt to salvage anything that would keep them alive. Perhaps in a future patch, we'll find a half buried rover with a winch nearby one of those "cave satellites". As for your last point... finding the equipment in less than serviceable condition is not a bad idea.
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    Just found some Astronium, now what?

    It's a resource that's always been in the game, but the recipe that uses astronium has not yet been added to the game. According to the wiki, it currently has no value on the Trade Platform. I suppose you could throw it away since there's no use for it yet. Or you could save it, but whenever the game patch is released which makes use of astronium, you'll have to go out and harvest some again... because it's likely that the current version of the game won't be compatible with that future patch. https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Astronium
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    Planetarium Module (see image)

    It's just a quick way to show you like or agree with someone's post.
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    Possible '+1' button for ideas/suggestions?

    This thread is now a year old. Which means that if this functionality has not yet been implemented, it likely never will be. The forums have not been a priority of SES, which is fine. We are happy that their focus has been on developing the game instead.
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    Overwhelm by the over saturation

    When this solar system was discovered, a space station packed with gear and astroneers was sent to explore it. The space station deployed all of the satellites they brought. And several astroneers went to the various planets with most of the gear from the station. An asteroid field was detected rapidly approaching the solar system. So the space station left orbit to a safe location until the asteroid field had cleared the solar system. The astroneers already on the planets could not get back to the station in time, so they took shelter in caves. The asteroids caused all their satellites to crash (hence, we find crash sites scattered all around). By the time it was safe for the space station to return, sadly the astroneers who were left behind had all died (hence, we find dead astroneers in caves). The astroneers remaining on the station carried on with the mission. However, since most of the equipment was lost to the asteroids, they are having to start from scratch. Nah, it makes perfect sense the astroneers would grab that equipment when they took shelter in the caves.
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    Am I the only one to think this?

    I see what you're trying to say, but that's not how patching a game works. Support is discontinued for versions of the game prior to the current patch. Also, it's understood between players & the devs that any bug reports submitted only apply to the current patch.
  25. Pi_

    Am I the only one to think this?

    Since you put "Lol" at the end of your post, it looks like this is a joke thread. However, just in case you're serious... yes, it appears you are "the only one to think this". As the game is fleshed out during the Alpha phase, expect more complex recipes... and rightly so as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, your question brings up another valid question: Why did SES go with a game patch/update mechanic which overwrites our earlier versions? It would have been better if they did it like KSP (Kerbal Space Program), which is to deliver each new patch as a standalone zip file. That way, at any time we could play an earlier version if we so choose.