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  1. No Steve, unfortunately you can not find that previous base if you start a new game... even with a beacon. The reason is, like Moxified mentioned, every time you start a new game a completely new planet is made. That's what "procedurally generated" means. In other words, the original planet & your base do no exist in a new game. However, again like Moxified mentioned, if you want to keep your original game you'll have to get enough research bytes to unlock the Habitat. Then use your printer module to print a new Habitat, then deploy it nearby your base and continue building from there.
  2. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Always good to hear from time traveling Joe... it shows he posted that on the 8th, but today is the 16th
  3. навигатор

    As to why there is no advanced navigation system in the game by default... it's looking more and more that the reason will be woven into the backstory of Astroneer The context of the game is that the astroneer is basically starting from scratch, so a navigation system should have a high barrier to entry. (see the possible backstory below for the reason why the astroneer is starting from scratch). Whatever system is implemented that makes navigation easy, it should be something that requires several steps to build. Simply extracting bytes from research pods, and then unlocking a complete navigation solution would be a cheesy move by the devs. For example, the astroneer will have to scavenge the parts from crashed satellites found on the surface (or down in caves), in order to build a new GPS satellite. He will have to process the fuel (ammonium) for the satellite. He will also have to spend research bytes to unlock the launching platform for the satellite, and maybe even the command & control firmware a GPS satellite would require. I think forcing players to figure out how to use the tools provided early in the game for navigation (beacons, terrain tool to create directional markers, the compass, etc.), is perfect. The possibility of straying too far from base and getting lost is exactly what the devs intended. They wanted to immerse players in the situation that the astroneers are faced with. So if the astroneer doesn't have a good sense of direction, he should keep his base in sight before traveling too far away. As the astroneer explores farther away from base, he notices that the base marker is dropping below the horizon (because the planet is a sphere). That's why beacons are so cheap to research. The devs wanted players to realize the fact that the astroneer needs to learn actual land navigation techniques if they are to survive. For example when the astroneer first lands on the starting planet (Terran), he notices the strip of densely grouped stars running directly overhead at his base (perpendicular to the horizon). And the strip of stars aligns to East-West on his compass. So he knows that should he travel too far East or West from base and forgets to set a beacon, he can follow the band of stars in the sky back to his base. He knows that if the band of stars is no longer directly overhead (perpendicular to the horizon), he can check his compass to see if he needs to go North or South until the stars are again directly overhead. A technique you can use when setting beacons is to create a ramp with terrain tool, like 20 meters high. Walk up the ramp and place your beacon at the top. This will allow the beacon marker to be seen from a farther distance over the horizon. Be aware that sometimes the clouds will block your view of the base & beacon markers, even while standing at the top of the ramp. So do yourself a favor and build the ramp so that it points in the direction of your base or your previous beacon. Possible Backstory
  4. Planet core

    Finding a Zebra, Dalmatian, or Checkered Flag ball would be pretty cool. But the physics at the planet core is based on real life science. You float because the mass of the planet is relatively equal in all directions. So gravity cancels out at the core.
  5. Military Ideas

    Looks like you put some thought into that, nice work. However it's considered bad form to hijack someone's thread. Your topic would be better suited in a more appropriate thread... https://forum.systemera.net/topic/45343-astroneer-backstory-bit-o-fun/
  6. Extending my base

    Howdy @spgprivate and welcome to the forums o/ Just a heads up, the Habitat will spawn 6 extension ports, not just 5. You only got 5 because the angle between the ports did not leave enough room for the Habitat to spawn the 6th extension port. What Trojan is talking about is... when you extend an expansion node off of the Habitat, it will have 2 holograms for resin nuggets, and another extension port. Instead of placing the 2 resin nuggets which creates a blank base module, click the extension port on the expansion node itself. This will allow you to place 1 resin nugget to create another expansion node. Also, each expansion node will spawn additional extension ports just like the Habitat. Again, it depends on the angle between them as to how many extension ports will spawn. Also be aware that the expansion node will only have the 2 resin holograms if it is at the end of the string... see how the expansion node in the yellow circle below does not have the 2 resin holograms. Unfortunately you have painted yourself into a corner, you can no longer expand that base. However like Trojan mentioned, you can place a new Habitat nearby and expand from that... or, start a new game and build the base with your newly gained knowledge. Don't feel too bad though, many people have found themselves in the same situation as you. And after all, when you placed the 2 resin nuggets to create your final module, the game gave you no warning that doing so would close your base to further expansion. I think it's probably due to fact that people get so excited about building their base, they just don't notice that the expansion node itself has an extension port. The lack of an in-game warning has been the case since the beginning (Dec 2016). And if some type of warning has not been implemented by now, we must conclude that it is intentional by the devs. In other words, they wanted some people to learn the hard way.
  7. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    I might have agreed with this, if it weren't for one thing... we all bought into the Early Access model. So what you're referring to as "it's roots" was never going to end up being the finished product. Probably you, like myself and a lot of people on this forum, have been with this game since the beginning (Dec 2016). And I wish SES had gone with a patch/update mechanic which doesn't overwrite previous versions, so I could load up whichever version I want and play the game how is used to be. But we knew what we were getting into, so 30+ years in game reporting should have prepared you for possibly major gameplay revisions.
  8. Rovers

    A rover can pull 3 more rovers as trailers.
  9. OK, what is it?

  10. A bit dry right now

    Based on what they have done over the last 12 months, they seem to release a new patch every month. So the next patch should be here in about 2 weeks. As for something cool to look forward to, all we have is the roadmap, and the Vlogs. https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap https://forum.systemera.net/forum/11-announcements/ Be aware that the most recent Vlog will no longer be posted in the normal Vlog forum. However the previous Vlogs can still be found there. https://forum.systemera.net/forum/12-announcements/
  11. Astroneer Backstory... bit 'o fun

    In a different thread, somebody else was wondering about the backstory... The astroneers would be well aware of why they're there, as they have experienced first hand the events leading up to their current situation. But I liked his idea of finding a journal. Since I already had a backstory in outline form, I adapted it to incorporate the journal. At the beginning of the game, the devs would give us some kind of mechanic to access the Station Log. However a bit of the story would be missing. We wouldn't know that missing bit until we found the journal. It could be on the backpack of a dead astroneer, or a standalone device somewhere down in a cave. The journal would tell the missing part of the story from the dead astroneer's perspective. Station Log Journal Backstory Outline
  12. Landing Sites

    Like SHB, the planet is procedurally generated each time you start a new game. So the landscape where the habitat lands will be different each time. However that landing zone when starting a new game will always be on the equator of the planet. Right now, there is no manual flight control. All flight mechanics are on rails. However the devs have said that manual flight control is something that might be added later.
  13. Yeah, it's a double edged sword. We bought into the early access development model, which means that we experience all the growing pains of a work in process. On the flipside, if they didn't go the early access route, they likely wouldn't have the money to finish the game. But I suspect a BOP will implemented before we get to the full release. And, it is pretty fun experiencing this game develop, and having some say in what needs to be changed.
  14. Story and it's Progression

    The astroneers would be well aware of why they're there, as they have experienced first hand the events leading up to their current situation. Perhaps the devs somehow will give us access to the Station Log at the beginning of the game. However this would only tell part of the story. To get the full story is where your idea of a journal would come into play. The journal could be found on the backpack of a dead astroneer. It would tell the missing part of the story from his perspective. This would be a cool game mechanic to get the full backstory. Station Log Journal
  15. Rover Controls and completely bonkers

    Ah, a new group of players struggling with vehicle controls. Welcome to the club guys! Sorry I'm just now seeing this thread, else I would have welcomed you all sooner. The vehicle controls have been one of our top complaints since the beginning... Thankfully the devs have heard us, and they've confirmed a fix is planned. The following quote taken from the Patch 221 notes...