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  1. Unfortunately that game save is now locked. If it's any consolation, many of us have been bitten by this bug. On the bright side, the devs have been aware of this bug since the game was released. So we all remain hopeful that it will be fixed at some point. Until then, remember do not enter an undeployed habitat. There are a couple of exceptions, check out this post...
  2. Actually, before the practice of lethal injection was adopted, criminals receiving the death sentence were executed using a device called a gas chamber. Poison gas was used a weapon in World War One. Poison gas was used in the Nazi death camps of World War Two.
  3. When you clicked X (which I'm guessing is the Xbox button to enter a Hab or vehicle), you glitched through the ground and ended up inside your original Hab on the surface? Or, in your underground storage bunker, you had an undeployed Habitat? If it's the former, that's a bug I've not heard of before. But if it's the latter, that is a well known bug which unfortunately locks that whole game save and is non recoverable.
  4. Good to see you are no longer done with the game without a vehicle compass. As for the beacon markers, the devs are working on it. And be sure to scroll up from the following post to see what it could look like.
  5. Why does it show that the date posted was Wednesday (May 03) ?
  6. Merging my post here due to thread lock...
  7. Welcome aboard Gene, always good to meet another new member of the team. Looking forward to see what you come up with. C'mon Wyvyrias & Lithium, it's been over 8 hours... you guys are slipping
  8. Nah, the pat on the back was from Adam
  9. Sorry to hear this is a deal-breaker for you. Personally I like that as we're exploring, we need to keep in mind there is a possibility of getting lost. However there are items & techniques already in the game to prevent it, some of which are fairly simple, some you have to think about. Since day one there have been tons of topics with people complaining because they got lost. Maybe the devs wanted people to figure out ways to keep from getting lost. Who knows, maybe it's part of the game storyline that each planet (or the solar system as a whole) contains some mysterious interference that causes navigation equipment to fail... why do you think there are so many crashed ships and satellites? However I suspect if people keep crying out for maps or whatever, that they will eventually give in. If they do, I hope it will be in the form of a difficulty setting. Either way, when the game finally hits version 1.0 I'll always look back on these days with a certain amount of pride knowing that I was in the minority of players who figured out how not to get lost.
  10. Indeed we already have buildable stations that are landing zones, and they don't even need to be researched, we get them at the beginning of a new game... it's called a Vehicle Bay. The issue seems to be that people don't know how to use them as landing zones. You suggest that this new platform would spawn two spots for spacecraft to land. However that would cause the same problem which people are complaining about now. When viewed from orbit, if the landing zone bubbles (Vehicle Bays) are too close together, the bubbles overlap which often results in landing at the wrong one. So currently, until the devs can implement something to differentiate between Vehicle Bays built too close to each other, it's simply a matter of planning ahead more carefully. As for connection ports to power other vehicles, the Vehicle Bay already has this built in. Concerning a "tether spawn point" to build more platforms or another structure, we already have that as well, which are the expansion nodes (the thing you place 2 Resin on to build a platform). In fact, again with some planning ahead, the expansion nodes are perfect for recharging rovers & trucks when you park near one. So when you first land on Terran after starting a new game, the Habitat automatically creates a landing zone bubble (when viewed from orbit). The trick is to separate your vehicle bay from the Hab, and other Vehicle Bays. Of course the easiest way to accomplish this is to first harvest some Resin, then create a string of expansion nodes. The last expansion node in the string is where you place 2 Resin to build the Vehicle Bay.
  11. Hmm, that's nod bad. Maybe there could be a "Reverse Engineering" augment similar to the terrain tool augments, which would be plugged into one of the slots on the Research platform.
  12. Yep, larger storage for the base is definitely one of the topics that keeps coming up. Here's my idea from back in February...
  13. They are dev tools for testing physics & graphics that were left in the game. And while they have no gameplay purpose right now other than being a trophy, the devs have hinted this may not be the case later on. I found the Zebra ball the very first time I played back in December, and many times since then. I've even found a few of the Dalmation balls. However the Checkered Flag ball still eludes me. Grats wookie, I'm jelly!
  14. You are exactly right. In fact this topic has come up many times since day one, because it's so important for enjoyable gameplay. I hope it's not the case that SES are using the current control scheme just because they want to be different from every other game. I know, I know... HALO uses this wonky control scheme, so what?. Astroneer has already set itself apart from other games, and SES are aware that it will be a success when it's completed. Now is the time to go with the "industry standard" for vehicle controls. In case Nuinethir's comments were unclear, the camera should be separated and independent from the vehicle controls. In other words, WASD (or joystick) should make the vehicle move relative to the front of the vehicle, regardless of where the camera is pointing. For example let's say you're pressing 'W' to drive forward to the East, while at the same time you pan the camera to look South. If you keep pressing 'W' the vehicle should continue moving East, even when you pan the camera to the South.
  15. Yeah I've read the arguments against the 3 Laws... but you understood the spirit in which I posted that, right?