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  1. So Aaron mentioned that we will have to provide the empty canisters. Maybe I missed it, but does this mean that we will need to craft canisters? If so, will canisters be included in default crafting menu of the backpack? Or will they be migrated into the research system?
  2. What is taking System Era so long

    Speaking as an early adopter of the game (meaning back in December), it seems like it was more fun to play in those early days. Granted the development has been slow, but the team was only half of what it is now. And there have been some good things happen recently... like fixing the smelter. Now that they've switched game engines, I would hope to see them addressing bugs at a faster rate than introducing new content... like fixing the gravity and vehicle control scheme. Regardless, I'm anxious to see how they progress.
  3. How about an option to give labels on beacons ?

    Posting this for all those who were not around during the early days of the forum...
  4. Now that the "smelter warning" will soon be obsolete when watching new players stream the game, one more time for posterity... Be careful when using the smelter, if there is not an open storage slot on the platform for each input nugget, the output gets deleted. Well done fixing the smelter guys, thank you!
  5. Welcome Elijah!

    Good to have you onboard Elijah. Looking forward to what you have in store for us!
  6. "Patch 189" - June 16th, 2017

    Because the interns who actually do the certifying are wearing earbuds, listening to Despacito (according to Billboard)
  7. vehicles

    Hang in there Devon, hope is on the horizon!
  8. [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    There is finally light at the end of the 6 month long tunnel!
  9. The hope is that SES will evolve to the point where they can follow the model of an indie company called Squad and a game called Kerbal Space Program. Squad has their own website storefront and download servers, where customers can download a zip file which unzips into a completely standalone executable of the game which does not require a 3rd party. This distribution model also allows you to download a fresh zip file whenever an update is released. That way, if you so desire, you can go back and play the game from any earlier version because those older versions are not automatically overwritten when a patch comes out.
  10. The Habitat Placement

    I doubt you're the only one, definitely hilarious... and awesome! Thanks for posting that SirrNatt. Oh, and sorry about your Hab.
  11. Stuck in habitat

    Unfortunately that game save is now locked. If it's any consolation, many of us have been bitten by this bug. On the bright side, the devs have been aware of this bug since the game was released. So we all remain hopeful that it will be fixed at some point. Until then, remember do not enter an undeployed habitat. There are a couple of exceptions, check out this post...
  12. Actually, before the practice of lethal injection was adopted, criminals receiving the death sentence were executed using a device called a gas chamber. Poison gas was used a weapon in World War One. Poison gas was used in the Nazi death camps of World War Two.
  13. [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    When you clicked X (which I'm guessing is the Xbox button to enter a Hab or vehicle), you glitched through the ground and ended up inside your original Hab on the surface? Or, in your underground storage bunker, you had an undeployed Habitat? If it's the former, that's a bug I've not heard of before. But if it's the latter, that is a well known bug which unfortunately locks that whole game save and is non recoverable.
  14. Good to see you are no longer done with the game without a vehicle compass. As for the beacon markers, the devs are working on it. And be sure to scroll up from the following post to see what it could look like.
  15. "158" - May 5th, 2017

    Why does it show that the date posted was Wednesday (May 03) ?