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    Using an idle computer as a server.

    Hi, I have already tried this and can say it is not worth it! If using your own computer as a host, you can't play with friends for more than 20 minutes due to performance issues, using an idle computer as a host will play about 40 minutes until performance affects everyone, especially the host. You and your friends will leave the game sooner or later due to performance issues whenever using multiplayer at this stage of development. Honestly, I don't understand why they are updating the game without implementing the promised, late and undeliverable dedicated server. I believe they will have much more problems with the game if they deploy the server too late as the game will have already evolved and they will have new problems at the base of the game to solve. Another thing that bothers me is not seeing here the game devs interacting in such an important forum area. It seems that they are not aware of what the community wants. I made two publications in this area and got no response in either. Sorry for the bad english.
  2. CMDR Edu

    Save on vehicle seat

    This function is practical for those who forget to save the game but, honestly, I think it's a bad idea. According the game is explored and there is more data to save, it becomes annoying! Especially in multiplayer for the host which is overloaded with save game request whenever a friend uses a vehicle the host is harmed with frequent lags. You need to deactivate this or, via menu option to deactivate this function, as in skyrim you can deactivate save when traveling. I know this will be resolved with the dedicated server but until then it would be interesting to disable save on vehicle seat. I talked to some friends about this and I add that everyone agreed that this is a big problem in multiplayer game. Therefore, I am here representing the opinion and request of many players from my country (Brazil). Sorry for my bad english!