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    August Update?

    Dear System Era Software, Sure this may be a kid writing this but I Really love space but don't want to use alpha and Pre-alpha for life... So it's hard to say... Can you make Astroneer free to Kids & Teens?... Y' know add a birth date conformation system where people under 21 can get Astroneer for free it would really help and since people don't have credit cards 'till 21 y/o it will get Astroneer EXTRA POPULAR among Kids. And could you guys add a Super large platform Type A with a attachment slot that is extra extra large and change the XL Storage to like the large storage but with 2 tier-3 slots instead of 51 tier-1 slots and add a XL Shuttle And XL Landing Pad With XL Printer and For byte Costs: XL Shuttle: 6000 bytes XL Landing Pad: 4500 bytes XL Printer: 1700 bytes XXL Platform A: 7000 bytes If You could I will be happy From: Wolfy_wolf To: System Era Software