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  1. Joshua

    Stuttering frame rate

    In general there seems to be some rendering issues but I imagine that is the developers top priority now for getting the game running smoothly for all users. Hang tight man, it's gonna be okay!
  2. Joshua

    Stuttering frame rate

    Are you using a headphone jack to USB extension? Try plugging the headphones directly into the headphone jack of your computer, it worked for me! Let me know if it helped!
  3. I was having the issue of low FPS and crazy stutter, then someone suggested that I stop using my audio dongle for my headphones and just plug straight into the headphone jack; it worked! So basically, what you need to do with your headphones is instead of plugging them into a USB port, plug them into the headphone jack instead. I'm not saying this will work for everyone but it fixed my issue and I hope it fixes yours too, good luck!
  4. Joshua

    FPS Dips | Insane Stutters

    HOLY SHIT! It worked, thank you so much man! :-)
  5. Joshua

    astroneer unplayable FPS

    You might want to move this to the bugs section of the Forums buddy and should include some more details of the problems you are having. You might also want to include your PC specs!:D Here's a link to the correct page!: Hope your problem gets fixed! Keep in mind a lot of people are having similar issues.
  6. Joshua

    Forums Areas for Different Platforms

    Thank you for the support!
  7. Joshua

    Forums Areas for Different Platforms

    Thanks for the support!
  8. Joshua

    Forums Areas for Different Platforms

    Thanks for the support!
  9. I noticed that the "report a bug" page is being filled with a bunch of issues from both platforms of the game. I think there should be two different areas for Xbox and PC. It would make reading through bugs are trying to help that much easier for Administrators and for Users. Thoughts?
  10. Joshua

    FPS Dips | Insane Stutters

    Update: Still not fixed after patch was brought out.
  11. Upon landing, the FPS stutters a bit but then is fine until I step out my pod and start moving around. My FPS drops insanely low and is literally unplayable. Although, I have restarted the game multiple times and on one of the times it did run smoothly for around 5 minutes until the FPS dropped and then I tried restarting. I have pretty decent specs on my computer so I doubt it's to do with that, but although, I think it might have something to do with the games optimisation with AMD CPUs? Hope someone can help! Specs below: AMD FX - 8350 GTX 960 8GB DDR3 RAM 1500MHz
  12. I think that is a great idea! But due to the lack of Developers at the minute and the road of progression they will need to take, I feel if they do decide to go down the road of cross platforms; it's gonna be a while!
  13. Joshua

    Excited to dive into the game tomorrow!

    I am definitely excited!