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  1. Intel i5 2400 3,10Ghz GF GTX660 2GB8GB RAM Windows 10 (May 2019 compilation) It seems like it is enough.
  2. I bought game in Microsoft Store and I can't run Astronner properly, I tried on two different computers and I have two different problems: - desktop PC - when I open game, after loading universe, I can see space rocket, astronout inside, I can navigate (turn around, scroll etc) with mouse but there is no main menu. When press F game is closing. I tried to minimize and try in window but it didn't helped. This is the same problem like in this topic, but this solution doesn't help me : I have the newest Windows version, tried to reinstall game few times, install game on different partition to make more space on my system disc, I reinstall Visual C++ Redistribuable, my computer specs: Intel i5 2400 3,10Ghz GTX660 8GB RAM - laptop - when I press play in MS Store, there is a blink of nonfullscreen window with astronner picture and it is instantly closed. There is nothing in task manager. When I press few times on play button window shows for a little longer, sometimes freeze for a moment, but still is closing within a second. I did the same things with this computer (reinstall game etc. like I mentioned above). Laptop specs: Laptop ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-AL016 Ryzen5-3550H/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ RX560X Red Matter Can anyone help me? I bought game and I can't even try to play it I hope that it will run at least on Xbox, but I could try it only next week.
  3. Unfortunetly I have the same problem, and this solution doesn't help at all. Anyone can help? Mayby support?