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  1. Have some space trees in the game to make area look better.
  2. Also when the terrain tool is out its a bit hard to control.
  3. On the terrain tool have a mode that allows you just to pick up plants. As it slightly annoying that you have to ruin the floor to pick some flower and if your like me with the terrain tool then you'll end up making a bigger mess of the floor.
  4. I've had this on a few occasions and if you don't die the you suffocate because your in an unexplored cave with no tethers.
  5. Have a like a greenhouse so we can grow plants for either food or organic material.
  6. How often will the update be rolling out? Will the be small updates that adds/fixes issues or will they be larger updates that add more items and fixes more problems? Also even in early access the game is great.
  7. Have a boost pack on that allows you to jump further when out exploring.
  8. When I'm connected to the tethers my frame rate drops quite badly.