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    Disregard, I found one.
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    Hello fellow Astroneers, Is there a universal guide of sorts to show what converts to what when collecting resources? Be it plant, metal, etc.
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    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    Hello all, Marine here. Just bought this game and played the tutorial. Just finding my way around by trial and error. But having fun doing it. The imagery is awesome to the least. This is my first outing playing this type of game. I play FPS such as Verdun, Tannenberg, but I heard such good things about the community here so I thought I would try it out. Wonderful to see active and helpful players and developers. One does not see that too much anymore. Looking forward to seeing where this game takes and and future updates.
  4. Marine

    Just Getting Started

    Thank you very much. Great advice from the both of you. Most appreciated.
  5. Marine

    Just Getting Started

    Hello there, I just bought this game and played through the tutorial. Any advice for a new Astroneer starting out? Thank you