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  1. i was gonna ask for that great altho are they useless.. or for the same use as my suggestion?
  2. Meliodas

    Conveyer belts or mine carts.

    so minecarts and rails then?
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    how would it help *verry*. i mean what would the difference really from what we have?
  4. Im thinking of More futuristic transport on planets. Currently we have rovers in all sizes, a tractor and a buggy. But i think it would be fun to have a flying *car/plane/Craft/vehicle* . Mabye having flying cars.. or rather hovercrafts in the game will make it to futuristic, but mabye just a car looking thing that flyes only like 1-3m over the ground that is'nt affected by the terrain under it. mabye it seems useless or rather unnecesserry*** but many times have i had 2 bases on other sides of the planet and would either have to rocket there… or rover there, and both are inconvenient. since the rocket is for longer runs. Its more expensive to use… and since the rover is made for Shorter runs... it takes longer and the tarrain is enoying to pass the land With... mabye if you comment possible problems or questions i will have more spesific idea for Craft.. i have other ideas like Trains/conveyors and HUGE Space Crafts. Btw if you arent sure of the design, just think of some sci-fi starwars at the sice of a medium rover... please comment