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    I disagree with the owner hierarchy making the Large Storage Silos not work with machinery, when the Large Storage is in the same position and works with machinery just fine. Platform holds a Large Storage, Large Storage holds a Medium Storage Silo, Medium Storage Silo holds the resources, and transfers any resources attached to the silo to the machine when needed. I use an Extra Large Platform C with a Smelting Furnace, Soil Centrifuge, Chemistry Lab, and a Large Storage with 4 Medium Storage Silos full of resources. All of the machinery transfer resources from the Medium Storage Silos. Same thing with a Large Storage with Medium Storage Silos on a Large Rover with a drill. When using the drill, Canisters on the Medium Storage Silos on the Large Storage fill up with soil and any harvested resources transfer to the silos as well. Even forgetting the Medium Storage Silos entirely, just having the resources on the Large Storage itself, they transfer to machinery. Having the resources just on the Large Storage Silos, they do not transfer. I was a bit bummed when I just tried swapping out the Large Storage with the Large Storage Silo B on my platform and Large Rover setups, and not having the resources transfer like they were with the Large Storage. It seems Large Storage Silos were not made with the ability to transfer resources at all.