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  1. My laptop's native display is 3000x2000. Astroneer accepts a 3000x2000 native resolution just fine by default, but since it's a non-standard aspect ratio there are no other options in the graphics settings. This is super problematic because devices like laptops often can't actually run games smoothly at native resolutions, even at low settings. It's simply too many pixels. In the past, I had been able to manually change Windows's display settings and set the operating system level resolution at 1920x1200 or something and then open Astroneer. This worked just fine, Astroneer just used the native windows display settings and things were fine. NOW, I can't even do this. Astroneer STILL runs in 3000x2000 EVEN IN WINDOWED MODE. This needs to change, the way the game handles display resolution is nonsense and makes the game really difficult to play.