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  1. Quick info: I'm using mouse and keyboard, I'm on steam. The first time I joined my friend online it worked out fine, and this is the first time I play the game outside of the tutorial, not even singleplayer yet. I could rejoin him the next few days and a few weeks in this starts happening. I rejoin him by going to the "Co-op" menu and clicking on his name then clicking join. The screen says "Loading the solar system" and after maybe 30 seconds it goes back to the main menu but this time there is no "Co-op" menu, only the first one. At that moment it says on the bottom right "session host "my friend's username". Then the top option on the menu says that I can join my friend, so I click it but it just takes me to the customization screen and so I go through it then it restarts me in my dropship and so I have to wait for my friend to come from Vesenia and pick me up. NEWLY DISCOVERED INFORMAITON: I just attempted to exit and rejoin my friend while writing this while he's working his way to get materials on Vesenia for a dropship to pick me up from Sylva back to Vesenia, and I found that while I was waiting on Sylva, when I exited and rejoined, I didn't have to restart. I personally think bug is because I'm on planet other than Sylva. Anyways, any help with this bug would be fantastic. I also found that joining my friend from the steam overlay (the shift+tab thing) it worked temporarily, but it returned to restarting.