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    What I do is carry 1 jet pack and 1 PO for the augment slots. i only need one jet pack because flying has its own uses, such as carrying tier 3 and 4 items while moving, getting out of holes, carrying rovers out of holes with a winch (saves an hour of time). And negating fall damage. for the back pack slots, I carry a canister, 2 batteries and a worklight. I don’t mess with generators because combined with the PO, it’s too tedious. The worklight is on the back because it lights up any thing, regardless of objects. I use 2 batteries, because it allows me to use the PO at least 5 times, and for extra power on using mods. This allows me 8 spaces for raw materials, printer space included, and 5-7 for others, depending on how much mods I use. If I’m trying to gather a lot of resources though, I just carry a Storage Silo.
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    You do realize you can use 1 jet pack, right? It still works, but it’s just slower.
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    Jetpackin to another planet?

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    Large Battery + Extra Large Battery

    Yeah, this definitely makes more sense, progress wise.
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    Large rover front drill adapter

    +1. This would really make the drill more useful.
  6. I think this is a great idea. This would be wonderful for finding rare materials, and it could fit in the game easily.
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    Large Battery + Extra Large Battery

    Nice concept, but IDK if 1 Titanium Alloy and 2 nanocarbon alloy would be considered less expensive. Maybe 1 Titanium and 2 Graphene?
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    Hard to going down?

    You’re skill is amazing. You really take time to think over you’re concepts. +2
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    Alphabetical Printers

    Thank you! This gets me every time. In always used to items in other games being sorted in alphabetical order, so I do that, only to realize it was the other way! I hope this is in the next update. +1
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    Please consider to some balancing: Power

    +1. Astronium would be a great alternative to lithium.
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    ASTROpack: advanced backpack!

    NGL it would be absolutely amazing to have the option to make a built-in canister in the backpack, instead of just wasting a space on something so basic.
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    Upgrades for all!

    I meant the amount needed to make the hydrazine for the Graphene, and so on.
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    Upgrades for all!

    Wow. That’s a lot of Ammonium.
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    Helmet Modules

    This would be amazing! Another use for the shelter would be great since it serves no real purpose rather than saving and emergench energy. +2
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    Platform shredding 2

    +1 Yes please!
  16. I dont really know why you would want a truly mobile shelter, much less allowing multiple people to be able to go into it, as it serves the same purpose as a rover seat on a vehicle, only providing a tiny bit of power. If this idea was to be implemented though, it would render the current field shelter completely obsolete, having the same byte cost as it at the same size, while being mobile and letting multiple people enter it.
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    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    Nice! The Large Silos can automate now!
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    Sure! I think I’ll add that.
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    2. Upgrader Research Cost: 2,500 Bytes Material Cost: 1x Graphene & 1x Compound (or Plastic?) Size: M Description: A Deployable Item that can upgrade any item to its next size (adequate space required) for less/simpler materials than what it would cost to make them from scratch via infusion. Up to 3 resource pieces can be used to upgrade modules. Also useful for preventing base clutter. Can upgrade 6 small items, OR 4 medium items, OR 2 large items. Visuals: Double tetrahedron shape with one tip as the attachment point to the upgradable item. On the opposite end each side holds one resource. Upgradable items Small: Small Solar Panel: 1x Glass Small Wind Turbine: 1x Ceramic Small Battery: 1x Zinc Small Generator: 1x Tungsten Medium: Medium Platform A & C(to LP A): 1x Resin Medium Platform B (to LP B): 1x Resin Medium Storage: 2x Ceramic Medium Storage Silo (2 options): 2x Aluminium Alloy or Steel Medium Solar Panel (unattached): 1x Compound and Graphene Rover Seat: 1x Plastic and Compound Medium Shredder: 1x Tungsten Medium T-platform: 1x Tungsten Large: Large Platform A (to EXP A): 1x Iron and 2x Ceramic Large Platform B (to EXP C): 1x Iron, Steel and Carbon Large Shredder: 1x Tungsten Carbide, Steel and Carbon My Ideas (Subject to Change): Soil Centrifuge (to XL Soil Centrifuge): 1x Silicone, Quartz and Tungsten Carbide Canister (to Soil Tank or silo): 1x Plastic or Silicone Whether it be a missed item, better resource mapping or anything else, PLEASE suggest and correct. This is far from perfect and I want it to be closer to that. Inspired by the Astroneer Roadmap
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    we need an ingame chat and voice chat

    Why? Just make a party on Xbox or use discord.
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    New Boots

    +2. A great idea that provides a metric ton of possible ideas through intergalactic companies and trading. One question though. Is the current trade platform a good medium for this type of trade?
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    @Igoooor and @TMarcher74 that was exactly what I was going for. A medium consumable, deployable(packager and dynamite) item that is a mixture between a printer and a chemistry lab. As for the idea of paying for the exact resource difference, I don’t think it would work. It would wildly skew the balancing because half of the finished size versions have add-on recipes (medium platform A, 1x Resin to Large Platform A, 2x Resin), while the other half has new recipes (medium silo, 2x Titanium to large silo B, 3x Steel). I know it isn’t balanced that good as it is, but if the divide becomes bigger, it probably wouldn’t make any sense.
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    Guess what these new leeks are?

    Leak 2 is Probably a Mini Shelter, although idk what we would use it for. Thanks @TMarcher74!
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    Toggle Sky Rotation Speed

    Have never played in early access before, but this could make the game feel more dynamic. +1
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    August Update?

    Welcome to the forum @Wolfy_wolf!