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  1. Slipsonic

    August Update?

    Welcome to the forum @Wolfy_wolf!
  2. Slipsonic

    Orbital Drop

    If a new printer gets released, I hope it has a crane like structure.
  3. Slipsonic

    Orbital Drop

  4. Slipsonic

    Some ideas

    Hardcore could be nice, but the idea that you can only die once isnt that good. This game isnt minecraft 2, and it is a lot easier to die here than in minecraft. Also, i would love to be able to move the landing pad, as we know it can be packaged up, from the starting scene. In my first save l landed in a bad location, so I moved my base next to a gateway. It isnt needed, but would be cool.
  5. Slipsonic

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    What would you want in this extra large silo? 4 large slots? Even more medium slots? Its confusing because if you follow the logic of the normal storages and the silos, the silo space is typically 3x the storages, so that would be 93 small slots. Make a concept of it instead of suggesting something vague. My Idea of an XL Silo would be 4 large slots.
  6. Slipsonic

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    You can make a useful mobile base using the max amount of large rovers. My configuration is able to create a full fledged base, with all the modules included, plus a shelter, from scratch, (or scrap, i should say). I don't really know what kind of mobile base you want, but i think the most useful quality would be the ability to make a base anywhere. Configuration: 1st Rover: Crane with drill and Soil Centrifuge Aux Slot: Rover Seat and Medium sSorage Silo 2nd Rover: Trade Platform and Large Shredder 3rd Rover: Smelting Furnace and Chemistry Lab 4th Rover: Large Printer and Large Storage Silo B Large Storage Silo: 2 RTGs, an Oxygenator, 2 Storage Silos, a Medium Printer, a Small Printer, and a Winch. Aux Slot: Research Chamber You might want to pack some off-world gases (specifically methane) before you go out and explore first, though.
  7. Slipsonic

    Extra Large Shredder

    You cant shred platforms at all. Work around it and blow it up.
  8. +1 New Acheivements would be great, and seeds would be amazing, but im going to be neutral because so many people want this game to be like minecraft. These suggestions would definitely work, but some other peoples ideas... idk. Also, how much scrap does a RTG give?
  9. No. It doesnt stay on the smelter. Test before you post.
  10. The new storage silo is bugged out. We still dont know if the devs know, but do hope they fix it fast, because I need this.
  11. Version 2 XL Soil Centrifuge Research Cost: 6.250 Bytes Material Cost: 2x Silicone & 2x Tungsten Carbide Size: XL Power Consumption: 8 Units/Second Upgrade Cost From Normal Centrifuge: 1x Silicone, 1x Quartz, and 2x Tungsten Description: An Upgraded version of the regular soil centrifuge that rewards you for producing in small amounts. Visuals: -Circumference of the extra large storage -Has 2 counter rotating centrifuges. One with 8 capsules (like the existing one) and another outside it with 16 capsules -A medium slot for taking soil from Canisters, Tanks and Soil Silos Can hold 6 canisters or 1/2 Tank of soil Produced Resources (Up to) 24x Compound/4 Compound Per Canister 24x Resin/4 Resin Per Canister 18x Clay/3 Clay Per Canister 12x Quartz/2 Quartz Per Canister 6x Graphite/1 Graphite Per Canister 3x Ammonium /1 Ammonium Per 2 Considers [New]2x Laterite/1 Laterite Per 3 Canisters Same Soil to Resource Ratio as the existing centrifuge. New Systems You can choose how much of one resource you need, if you need it to be made as quick as possible while also saving soil and power. The less resources you make, the faster the centrifuge goes, by following this equation. [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005xr)]p X = fully powered centrifuge speed (Roughly 30 seconds) R = amount of resources being made P = Power being received Examples: You make 5/6 pieces of graphite at 7/8 Units/Second. The equation would be [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005x(5))]7 [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.025x)]7 [0.1x +0.1x]7 0.2x * 7 1.4X The speed in this situation would be a good ways higher than in a regular soil centrifuge. You make 24 pieces of resin at 8 Units/Second. The equation would be [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005x(24)]8 [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.120x)]8 [0.1x + 0.005x]8 0.105x * 8 0.84x Slower than a regular centrifuge, but with 2.5x more resin every second of production. The reason for this equation in the module is to balance the resource production. I didnt want mass producing resources to be the only point of having this module, so I nerfed mass production while buffing small resource collection. Items to go along with this: Soil Tank Research cost: 1,000 Bytes Material cost: 1x Resin & 1x Plastic Size: M Use: can hold 12 canisters full of soil -can transfer soil from canisters through a small slot Soil Silo Research cost: 2,500 Bytes Material Cost: 1x Plastic & 1x Silicone Size: M Use: can hold 36 canisters full of soil -can transfer soil from canisters and tanks through a medium slot If I did anything wrong, or if I could balance anything better, OR if you have an add-on suggestions, please comment.The
  12. Slipsonic

    Arc Furnace

    I think this seems fun! It makes sense to combine the chem lab and the smelter into a multi-function XL machine, I think it would look really cool if added to the game.
  13. All the other centrifuge resources are universal too, so I dont really see a problem. You can get a lot more laterite from caves, especially on harder planets, while you need 3 canisters for 1 piece of aluminium.
  14. You are welcome! It also means alot to me that you approve of this.