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  1. This would take a very long time to implement, but i like these ideas, as it would add alot more things to do in this game. The problem is with the 1st and 3rd ideas. There is already a space station that you have, so another one would make no sense. The problem with the 3rd idea is that it directly contradicts astroneer lore, as youre supposed to be exploring planets.
  2. This Post makes me think you never created a medium rover before. 1 Rover with a seat has the same amount of space as a tractor with 2/3 trailers, so it's even more material efficient than the tractor. The Rover also has a T3 slot, which means that it can carry an insane amount of T2 items. Like you said with the tractor, the medium Rover is even better at functioning as an external power source. If System Era went through with the changes YOU want, it would render the tractor/trailer completely useless, as one of the best benefits of the tractor is that it only takes basic materials. The
  3. Iโ€™ve been searching all over Sylva for the squeaker horn for 2 hours now. Iโ€™ve found 7 backpacks, but none of them have it. Am I cursed, or am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. This would be great. If they do add this, we would finally have a worthy QOL change.
  5. @Killtech I guess I should have nerfed it. Well I should double the resource cost, and raise the power consumption to 1U/s on all of them without the efficiency cut. I wonโ€™t change the resource to an existing one though as it is something that makes sense for me. We canโ€™t just keep using the same old materials, as first they were grouped. Aluminum for vehicles, titanium for rocketry, resin for small scale storage, iron for large scale, etc. Eventually, as more things got added, the groups got lost. I thought that it wouldnโ€™t be helpful to put 9 items to an existing resource. Iโ€™ll post again, a
  6. F. Sorry, originally typed it on a different platform, and didnโ€™t notice the font difference until now. Cant edit though. Has already been 1 hour.
  7. New resource and advanced mods Since the groundwork update is coming up,(and since zinc doesnโ€™t have a composite, (and since I want something f***ing useful)) I thought I would elaborate on my idea for new terrain tool mods. New resource: Brass Recipe: 1x Zinc and 1x Copper Use: for making advanced mods. The brass mods consist of upgraded versions of normal zinc mods, and other mods with new abilities Upgraded mods:(2,500 bytes each) Power Mod 2: More Power (2.5x normal) Wide Mod 2: Wider Circle (2.5x normal)
  8. Hey, at least you know when itโ€™s actually coming, right? You just have to wait, as theyโ€™re pushing out updates relatively fast.
  9. Glacio. Best planet hands down.
  10. I would very much like this, because you canโ€™t fit all 3 printers and a chem lab and a smelting furnace on the XL Platform C and have enough storage. I think a good start would be for a specific platform to be able to receive resources but not be able to send them back. +1
  11. Never assume itโ€™s what you want. ALWAYS check, and donโ€™t make a rookie mistake.
  12. +2 (excluding the cosmetics items) all these items are wonderful. I think they are adding the paver though.