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  1. After the most recent update, the chemistry lab started...acting funny! It will either do 1 of 2 things! 1) The item it's creating doesn't move from when the doors are open & it just creates the item in the doors while they are closed! & 2) The item it's creating is created like normally(inside the lab), but once the doors open, it stays 'stuck' inside, & you have to reach inside to get it!
  2. As long as you don't completely empty the atmosphere containers, you can refill them!!!
  3. I've reached 1 million bytes! Not trying to brag! Took a long time to get here!
  4. Riley, or mod the paver 'to plow the road'! & Killtech, I didn't know if anyone had the same idea already! Sorry! I had a crane, once, & was digging out a resin deposit, but it couldn't reach the very last bits of the deposit, which is when I thought about 'wide modding' the crane drill, & so on!! Plus I tried to wide mod the terrain analyzer...but it didn't seem to I thought it would!
  5. What if we could use the current terrain tool mods to improve the crane drill? Like the wide mod, boost mod, narrow mod, etc.!
  6. Do you really think, this isn't too much storage? & want to go bigger than this? See pic! 48 RTGs, just so you know!
  7. The auto-draw doesn't work for the new storages for the chemistry lab, smelter, soil centrifuge, or the atmospheric condenser!