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  1. I had a really cool idea that I think would make for a great addition to the game. An elevator to lift your Astroneer in and out of the caves. Say that you dug a really deep hole to the center of the planet and you need to bring some resources back up and you don't have a path or vehicle, you can place an elevator at your base and dig a hole straight down and it could lift you or some cargo up or down. This would make building an underground base or just exploration very easy. The elevator could be controlled by your character to stop and start whenever, or you could put some materials in it and send it straight up or straight down all the way. What are your thoughts?
  2. @SES_joe I would absolutely love to see the large landing pad (pictured below in the 0.9 alpha update banner) be made a craftable item on the large printer. This item is so cool and it is a shame that it can't be made and it is only a piece of debris (found in the tutorial or on desolo). I think that it would be a great addition to all of the base building items currently in the game, and would really make for a cool centerpiece of any base.
  3. @Torgado Thank you for the workaround. I also found a workaround for my second suggestion, but again, not ideal. I realized that the auto arm can load the trade platform from the resource container full of scrap, but it would be nicer if it could just auto load.
  4. While playing Astroneer's new Automation Update, I had a couple of ideas for easy additions that could make gameplay even better. The first idea is to have a toggle for the resource containers that allows the containers to enable output, but only provide one resource at a time until a player grabs it. The reason being is because once I have all my resources in storage containers and I need one or two resources I have to enable the output and it just starts emptying the entire container at once. This would make it easier for those wanting to manually grab a few resources from the containers. The second suggestion I have is for the trade platform. I made a large resource container for scrap and put it right next to my trade platform. When I enable the output it does not put the scrap directly on the trade platform. I think it would be a great idea for the trade platform to have a toggle where it will auto-fill with the number of resources required to trade for whatever resource is selected in the trade platform. This would really make it a lot easier especially for someone like me playing on a console to load the trade platform faster.
  5. I am playing the groundwork update on XB1X on a save from the first day of the 1.0 release, and the game keeps crashing for me every few minutes. It was crashing in the wanderer update every so often, but the crashing has become more frequent with this update. It usually crashes when trying to save or when doing a lot of things all at once. I don't want to create a new save and lose my progress.
  6. I had an idea the other day while trying to meticulously flatten out the area around my base. I would like to see the devs add a consumable item that we can print from our backpack that we can detonate in a location of our choice that will automatically flatten a large area. In addition to this, I would like to have an option where we can select the shape and size (circular or square), as well as if it is flat (terrain tool's default flatten mode) or true flat (alignment mod). Any thoughts?
  7. Playing on XB1X, the game crashes every single time I try to take a photo with the lunar module. Thankfully the LEM is close to my desolo base. Otherwise, this is a great update!!