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  1. I recommend when this happens and rover is sunk too far, exit without saving, even if you have to kill Astroneer task in Task Manager. Only happens when you have the flatten mod on the terraformer and are near the rover, right? Just thought of using the packager on the rover might help getting it back.
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    Medium rover bug

    Ive seen this nasty too. Heres what I do: 1. Park Rover well away from area to flatten. If I forget and Rover sinks a little bit I dig it out but thats a pain. 2. Dont use the flatten tool mod. If you use the standard bare terraformer tool, it doesnt sink the rover. 3 If its sunk too far I simply exit the game without saving. Its usually a lot easier to recover whatever you did since the last save than it is to re-acquire the rover. To do this I think you have to be in Windowed mode and click the upper right x. If you cant do that go to Windows Task Manager and kill the Astroneer task.
  3. Sorry I forgot to post Astroneer Version Also I uploaded my two save files. Let me know if this helps. BEEN-IN-SPACE-2X$2019.03.09-21.10.40.savegame SAVE_1$2019.07.15-13.49.47.savegame
  4. I have Summer release 2019 running on Steam under Windows 7. I can load a small save, the one I made right after landing. But it hangs while trying to load my only other save representing 150 hours of play with many tethers on several planets, many large item etc. When it hangs, the only thing on the screen that moves is the mouse. The screen is frozen for Astroneer and all other apps. I cannot even CTRL ALT DEL, and cannot Sleep. Hard Power Down is the only way forward. I have settings in Steam for the app to always update. I turned all graphics setting to minimum. Like primitive clouds, ec.. This has happened off and on ever since I bought Astroneer right after 1.0 came out. Usually I could wait a day and by then another fix was released that fixed it I assume. It was always a situation of 'I hope I can play Astroneer today'. I do have an old graphics card and I get this warning, but AMD doesnt seem to have a 17.12.1 install for my HD5700: Gregoroamin