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  1. Same here. The Chemlab remains in this locked up state after reloading the savegame.
  2. Once upon a time, the gastanks attached to the top mounting points of the backpack were readable from behind the Astronaut. Please turn them back 90°.
  3. That's a viable hotfix, granted, but it's pretty ugly. It kind of defeats the network idea of the base. Also, I would have to build all research stations above ground. Right now I have to seperate all research stations and their power generation via Habitat, seperate base networks basically, kind of a late game solution or I have to build the whole power generation above ground, power transfer network to underground research station in dedicated subtrees of the same base network. I will try that today. The rework of the power distribution mechanic is still necessary.
  4. The new research mechanics makes it useful to have more than one research station going at the same time. The new power transfer mechanic seems to be flawed in that the first research station is a sink to all available power. My base is setup as follows. 2 small solar panels and 2 small windmills on the surface plugged into base nodes. One panel/mill is sufficient to power one research station. 2 research stations in a subterranean part of the same base network. Expectation: Both research stations should be online at the same time, since there is enough power to run both. Outcome: Only one station is running, because of power transfer mechanics. As long as the one station draws power, no other station gets charged up. Looking at decoding time on the research stations of up to 2hs, that is a quite broken mechanic at this time Power transfer needs rework to accomodate the new always draw power scheme of the research station. I like the new research mechanics so far, but the power distribution mechanics need to be adapted as well.
  5. I died in the caves of the barren moon, respawned down on ghostly earth. Ghostly, because there were none of the surface featueres. No grass, no resources (only the hovering texts), no rubble. This kills my game because I can't get back to the moon, because my spaceship is up there and no resources down here to build a new one. Respawn must be on the nearest Habitat or space ship. Context, I flew from earth to the moon by shuttle. Discovered the spaceship blueprints and build a spaceship on the moon, detonated the shuttle on the moon. Went into the caves exploring, died. Have 2 Habitat bases on the moon and 2 down on earth.
  6. Interesting direction with the The game does have some produceable items that expand one of the resources of the character. The upgrades I envisioned work on these. They need not have any visual representation in the game world. Hence the simple implementation. No new items to design, no expansion of the item list, only game mechanics. Simply a factor on the resource pools that is manipulated by the upgrade research activity as outlined. The natural limits and trade-offs could become pushable boundaries without adding to the item list. (Imagine clicking through a hundred items on the printer to find the tech level 10 gas tank. Unpleasant in the current UI-scheme.) I dwell in memories of TA often. I remember in Supreme Commander you started with your basic commander able only to construct basic units. Through upgrades he could be enabled to build everything and build faster than anything else. The recycling of lower level items on the way to higher level stuff appears unneccessary and clunky in the 3D-printing paradigm. You produce your items from basic materials, so put in the mats for the high tech stuff and print away. The clarity and simplicity of the game is a big plus that should be maintained throughout the development. That's why I'm suggesting the simple representationless factor on life, oxygen, energy and other things that could be upgradable traits. Example The player works through maybe 3 upgrades, has the quest-like experience of getting 3 specific research artifacts to the research/upgrade station and enjoys a free slot on the backpack because the upgraded primary tank takes as much O2 as the basic tank + extra gas tank or enjoys running twice as long on the O2 in both tanks. - The trade-off consideration and decision-making remains the same. - Easy to implement - unbounded progression with some deminishing returns mechanic - questing experience
  7. As a new branch of ingame activities, I suggest upgrade paths of character traits and parameters like oxygen capacity of backpack/tanks, battery capacity of the cars. What's needed: 1. New platform or modded research station, a blend of the smelter and research platform, where the research branch can be selected and the required inputs are displayed as holograms. E. g. Branch chosen "Oxygen capacity +X%", inputs required: 2x titan, 2 oxygen, 1 particular research artifact 2. Maybe a multi stage research process per upgrade increment for higher level upgrades, maybe even some chance of failure per step Possible Upgrade paths: The afore mentioned - oxygen capacity - battery capacity (backpack, vehicles, addon batteries) - terraforming range - energy efficiency of tools, generators and converters - protection or health against physical damage, poison and fall damage - range of the space ships Pros: - put all the rare elements to good use - probably pretty easy to implement, much reuse of existing content - possibly open ended; Want the tenth increment of the oxygen cap upgrade? Bring 20 titan 20 oxygen and prepare to fail 50% of the times - sends you of to aquire specific artifacts and ressources, for the questing fans Cons: - could become grindy -
  8. Would be nice, if connections between vehicles and to base nodes could be manipulated when embarked in a vehicle.
  9. The smelter when strorage is full, eats up energy and ores but won't spawn the metals. Could be dropped like on the drill
  10. I build my shuttle with the storage unit and mounted a one seat on top. Upon landing I disembarked and found myself trapped in the fuel tank and structure of the shuttle. Spawn point should be near the shuttle not inside it or maybe placeable.
  11. More an annoyence than a bug, but it makes the base tricky to navigate. The direction of a new node can be controlled only in the plain. The elevation is unpredictable and I played two games where I ended up having a spiky base on a reasonably plain surface. Steam
  12. Tether lines tend to break occasionally without apparent cause. I tend to place tethers as far appart as they will still connect. Additionally, the tethers usually connect to the closest base node. On one occasion the tether line would only connect to my space ship regardless of several base modules being much closer where it was previously connected. Steam Version
  13. Previously unscanned artifact + all techs already researched yields nothing. Should be a rare resource like previously scanned artifacts.