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  1. So, we've done this a few times, and it's quite annoying but we do have a workaround. Any time we totally run out of air and run back, if we are already in that slowmo run and the death animation starts just as we reach air then we die as the tank is filling up. When we respawn the refill sound continues FOREVER in that area. The only way we have found to fix this is for the person experiencing it (the one who died) to completely restart their client. Sometimes just reloading will work, but not always. As this usually happens fairly early in the game (when we still don't have a reliable source of composite for tethers) this tends to make being at base unbearable until we restart the client. 7/10 times we just stop playing for the evening because of how freaking long the client takes to load.
  2. Quite often in multiplayer my companion (I am the host) will see me having a large resource stuck to the side of my body. When I pull out my terrain tool the resource becomes truly massive as pictured here. This happens even when I don't have any resources on the tool.
  3. A very frequent problem we run into is trying to manage inventory and suddenly drilling into our base floor. Then we go to flatten it and suddenly our centrifuge platform sinks into the ground. Just as we finish building a replacement, we accidentally dig another hole in our base. Flatten again and ALL of our Large Storage and Medium storages on the ground sink away. I was ok dealing with it when it was just my tractor trailer sinking a little and I had to work the wheels free, but this is now far too frustrating and unplayable. I came to astroneer for its zen, this is not zen. My partner recommended that maybe we should be able to create undiggable ground plates, probably hexagons that loosely snap together when placed so you always have a flat surface to work on for your base that you can't accidentally dig into and have to fix.