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  1. So I’ve played for a wile now and have 3 awakening planet achievements on Xbox and haven’t unlocked any outfits. played almost every day after summer update and never got the summer outfits. Now I’m literally standing next to the new added historic spacecraft and listening to the audio and still haven’t unlocked that out fit
  2. Yah does the same to me to I dig down and usually there’s a cave there with all the stuff that’s fallen through it’s pretty annoying
  3. Can there be a slot added or something to the tops of the storage silos or sides of the storages that you place an item (ex. Titanium) and it makes thoes items a priority to go to that storage location. Like I have an extra large platform c and two smelters and two large storages with silos on them and I’m smelting two things instead of them being placed randomly between the two and all mixed up you can mark each wile for a specific item and it will go there to keep it organized or the same with the soil centrifuge so you can keep the canisters organized