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  1. Martin Sedovic

    Historic spacecraft

    Hello so i just did the historic spacecraft thing i took a photo with it reloaded and saved the game but nothing unlocked did i do something wrong?
  2. Martin Sedovic


    Thats illegal ok thx when i checked the update they said it maybe i was wrong
  3. Martin Sedovic


    So as you guys know theres has been a new feature that you now cant see beacons when youre in orbit how should i find my landing spot? Havent played the game for 2 weeks because i was away
  4. Martin Sedovic

    Medium rover bug

    Yeah and i use so many resources to make it and bevause i dont have a doip generator i cant make or find compound
  5. Martin Sedovic

    Medium rover bug

    So i started playing astroneer 2 days ago AND ALREADY had to make 2 madium rovers. I found out that when you flat the floor around the rover the rover will go into the ground and will disapear with all of your stuff now i have nothing and im disgusted to try getting the resources again