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  1. Shorter answer is YES it will recieve updates.The idea of preview/early acess is to get fan feedback during developement(also helps fund developement) Im on xbox and got into preview with Ark Survival Evolved and Subnautica. both of which get updates all the time.
  2. bigtasty

    Leaving the planet!

    ooh and zebra balls. does it do anything
  3. bigtasty

    Leaving the planet!

    Does this game do bad screenshots...ever?
  4. bigtasty

    Biggest step to be made

    i dont know where xbox one sits on the scale of minimum and recommended system requirements but, do hope it is kept optimised, and not crippled by content designed for the high end.
  5. i like the idea of creatures but see it more as maybe a Darwin type experience, studying creatures in their habitat, taking them back to base for research. I dont want to see rocket launchers,assault weopons etc. At most i'd like weapons that stun the creatures or equipment that has other uses being used to avoid or distract creatures. A jetpack and stungun both connected to the power in your backpack could be could stun a creature and boost out of danger. Or stun a creature to catch it in a cage on your truck. Good ideas that would keep the explorer spirit of the game and not have it turn into halo. Also maybe if they had planets with a breathable atmospheres, but had problems with radiation or cold. It would give variation to gameplay while not stacking endless problems on top of eachother to the point of frustration.
  6. This a balancing act and a dangerous one for developers of this type of game. For me and many others this game is about the joy of exploring. Some danger is fine to add excitement but too much can make it a slog. Different levels of danger for different planets would help this. In the future the developers plan to add starvation and thirst. Also hot,cold and radioactive planets. Oh and lifeforms of some sort. This genuinely worries me as potentially i could be running out of food and water while freezing to death in a radioactive pit filled cave while being chased by a creature.Its a All the while trying to collect and manage resources. All this can mean spending more time fearing for your life and less time enjoying the experience. Its the reason i dont play Ark Survival evolved that much, some days it feels more like hard work and not enough like the first half hour of jurassic park(the oohs and aaahs). Its a tough balancing act and they do need to please everybody. maybe differnt game modes like subnautica would work. Imentioned elsewhere on the forums that i think meteor showers would be great, others would disagree. It will be exciting finding out what they make for us nonetheless.
  7. bigtasty

    Alien Life

    i wouldn't mind some alien life but i dont want to see this devolve into a shooter. Keep the game scientific with (mostly) docile ceatures that we can learn from or exploit
  8. bigtasty

    Meteor showers

    We have a game with deformable terrain, so why not have meteor showers. certain planets could have them frequently and some never. You would have to develop shielding for bases or build underground. Being caught in a meteor shower could be devestating, with craters being blown into the surface of the planet.
  9. bigtasty

    Research Progression instead of random.

    But isnt that the nature of exploring. If you were just searching random wreckage etc you wouldn't get it in a set order. i think you shouldnt get machine research from plants, only from wrecks. The surprise element is better in my opinion. The game is about the joy of discovery, a feeling that wouldnt be there(especially in multiplayer) if discovering something unique or new was just down to hours played. If every player has the opportunity to discover something new thats useful to the group thats a cool thing, instead of the guy who has the most time being first to everything.
  10. bigtasty

    Homebase Marker vanished (XBOXONE)

    My bones will never be found
  11. bigtasty

    Homebase Marker vanished (XBOXONE)

    thanks, honestly didnt realise that was a compass around his feet(im an idiot). My beacon markers dissapeared also(i put a beacon on my truck). Im trying not to lay to many beacons until they allow us to label each one(like subnautica) as i then dont know what each one represents. I use them more for marking cool caves i want to come back to. Its great that we are all finding different ways to play when the game has only been out a few days and is unfinished. So was my marker dissapearing a bug or did it just dissapear over the horizon?
  12. I reloaded a save game only to find my shuttle is tipped on its side. This does not change when i quit and reload. also i used resin to make a juction (not sure what its called, only for it to appear under the ground surface with a tube going to it from the shuttle.
  13. Was out exploring in my truck, let my son have a drive around (he loves it). We came out of a cave system and the marker for my homebase completely vanished. Had to kill myself to spawn back home. This meant the loss of my truck and all upgrades and objects stored onboard.
  14. bigtasty

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Went up into space in shuttle visited a barren moon then another planet. When i arrived back at home planet base my truck had dissapeared completely.
  15. bigtasty

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    Maybe multiple tether points isnt a good idea. How about if you have 1 tether and then just reel out a line which uses compound. You could reel out further depending how much compound you have in backpack. when finished you could just reel back in and get the compound back or just disconnect and the line and compound dissapears from game completely. Either way the game doesn't have to constantly remember the position of hundreds of different tether points. Keep up the good work im loving the game so far (aside from FPS bug) and cant wait to see what the future holds for this game.