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  1. wanted to also say that you can probably make it a mod if your skilled at doing coding.
  2. Xbox one already supports mouse and keyboard. The dev's just need to allow it on the platform.
  3. the community didn't like the storms so they where removed. they where annoying anyway.
  4. researching them in a research chamber give more points than scanning them
  5. We need a way to remove vehicle's (rocket, rovers). It's really annoying having that tier 1 rocket sitting next to your tier 3 rocket. All you can really do is pack it up and set it to the side. Cant even scrap them. Now it would be nice if we could scrap them while there packaged. So why is this not a thing devs? You realize that to many things like vehicle's can cause lag right? Plz allow vehicle's to be scrap able.
  6. Astroneer + VR = never happening. Dont get you're hopes up.
  7. No need. You just need to remember where you put you're stuff. Now thats thats not hard to do is it.
  8. Theres already a space station in the game and its at the main menu. As for building one. Not needed.
  9. Put "save game" into the pause menu where it belongs and remove it from getting into a vehicle.