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  1. Like the name suggests, this is a use for Astronium. like that's never happened before. just keep in mind this is my first post, so don't expect too much. Crafting: something along the lines of 5-10 astronium. idk, i haven't thought that far ahead yet. The Astronium Pseudo-planet is a high-density orb of pure astronium, held up by a sustaining gravity point, powered by artificial gravity. it utilizes two launch pads to bring you up to it from the ground, and back down to it. Basically, it's like the name: a Fake Planet. one you can still walk on and all of that, but it's not super big. say, about twice the size of the XL storage, and a full sphere instead of a half. That being said, it's big enough that a large printer won't cut it. Extra Large Printer, anyone? Extra Large Printer a massive printer that has to be placed on a extra large platform to function. takes 10C/S of energy to work, maybe? idk Crafting: Something along the lines of a bunch of steel, iron and resin. Used to craft the biggest of projects. Basically, the whole point of the Astronium Pseudo-Planet is 1: messing with gravity is fun and 2: extra space to put things. so basically almost exactly as useless as it's core component, but with some form of minor use