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    Excited to see what my 4 year old creates!

    Definitely post screenshots of them somewhere! I would love to see them
  2. HankHeel

    Crossplat play between Windows 10 & XBL?

    Thank you for the response. I appreciate it
  3. Here's to a nice relatively smooth early access period and a great future. I've been looking at some gameplay and this game is right up my alley. Anymore, it feels like I just need an atmospheric co-op game to delve into every once in a while. Space has always been such a fascinating setting for me and the mixture of being very, very alone while sharing small experiences with friends and the neo-west kind of feeling that space exploration conveys is just such a cool idea. I'm very excited to play and I'm currently deciding which platform to get the game on, but I definitely hope to see some of you out there
  4. Hi! I know recently Microsoft has been starting to push a merger between the windows platform and xbox live. I was just hoping that if I bought the Windows version of the game that it would maybe one day be cross platform with my friends on Xbox Live.