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  1. in Final Scene, the astroneer look at his tablet, and i guess there must be some text. But here is no anything - just dark screen. On the following scene in ship - laptop's screen is blank too. Steam-Windows7x64 v., Russian localization
  2. 1) if you have your vehicle in visibility you can try to enter it. If it is far away, enable terrain tool (Q) - it will increase operation range. 2) if you have earth in containers or in reachable range - just build a road to stay.
  3. If i create anything in Chem Lab i need to manually move it to storage, before proceed with further crafting using new material. It ignore resources in output chamber. Please see screenshot. Windows7, Steam,
  4. Here is the screenshot - when i started to flatter terrain near vehicle - it started to fall in textures.
  5. Objects falls through terrain any time i use a flatter terrain tool near them. For example, if i place several bases and start to flatter terrain around them, it is a big chance that some of them will fall through textures. If i exit my vehicle and start making a road with flatter tool - i will find vehicle half submerged in terrain, or fully disappeared, so i need to move vehicle far away every time i start working with terrain. Steam-Windows7 v.