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  1. I have been playing astroneer for about a month now, And I found this cool looking resource called astronium, And I was curious to see what I could do with it. I was sort of disappointed when I figured out it really had no other use than to be researched for 1000 bytes a piece. (And thats fine by me I needed some bytes anyway.) But I had a few Ideas for maybe what Astronium could be used for. My first Idea was it could be some sort of fuel, Since ammonium is really the only material for fuel (Hydrazine is labelled as proccesed ammonium ) I thought maybe It would be cool to have another thruster that uses something along the lines of Processed Astronium or maybe just a stack of astronium itself. My second Idea was that Astronium could be used as some super material, Being able to be converted in a new building you are able to craft, into the materials you need with some limits. I thought that It could be converted into any material you could get from the trade platform with relatively the same ratios of trading. The ratios below. Compound, Resin, Organic, Clay, Quartz, Graphite, and Sphalerite. 1:2 Ammonium, Laterite, and malachite. 1:1 Wolframite, Hematite. 3:2 Titanite. 2:1 Lithium. 4:1 My third and final idea was that astronium Could be used in a new, Large generator, to create a bunch of power. Anyway those were my ideas. Let me know if you think something should be changed or added, and thank you.