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  1. Currently the largest cause of lag is medium soil canister being set to dispense. If you have lots of those try putting them all into hold mode and seeing if that helps
  2. Ushot2late

    Large Storage Silo doesn't work with canisters.

    Yeah I see that. Thatsbdifferent... But it doesn't work with the silos still.
  3. Ushot2late

    Large Storage Silo doesn't work with canisters.

    Actually, it seems that automation with the canisters, in general, is broken. I even made a new centrifuge thinking that maybe it was just bugged, but in this screenshot, it still doesn't load them properly.
  4. Ushot2late

    Large Storage Silo doesn't work with canisters.

    There were two issues, the first one of the machines not pulling the small canisters from the large silo to fill the inventory still doesn't work. The centrifuge remains empty and it doesn't pull it
  5. Ushot2late

    Large Storage Silo doesn't work with canisters.

    This doesn't seem to have been fixed.
  6. Ushot2late

    Canisters Busted after Exploration update

    It's been over a month and a half and this still hasn't been fixed yet
  7. Recently System Era did an update to fix the storage silos, but it seems that a bug has been introduced as a result. The centrifuge now will pull a full canister from storage if there is one available, even if the centrifuge is full. What this ultimately means is that using canisters for automation is even more difficult than before. What I needed to do before is wait for the centrifuge to fill up from my canister storage unit, then when the 2nd one was filled and left on the centrifuge, i would move it manually to the storage and the centrifuge would be left with nothing in its slot. This meant that the canister storage was always full (even though it was a pain to move it every time) so that none of the resource that the centrifuge was making would go into it. The way it's working now is that the canister is pulled and replaced with a full one regardless of how full the centrifuge is. This makes it so there is ALWAYS an empty spot in the canister storage unit. You can't even compensate for this by having one more canister than fits on the storage because then the machine wont swap one out because there isn't space for it. Canister shuffling has been a big pain for a long time, and it's just gotten way worse. The only way to stop the canisters from getting mixed with the resources as it is now is to take the canister storage unit off FIRST (if you take it off the centrifuge it just replaces it instantly), put it on the ground next to the machine, and then put that loose canister on the storage and wait for the cycle to run, rinse repeat. Please, for the love of all that is holy, please fix this before next month's patch. This is literally game breaking for me to not be able to use my centrifuge without ripping my hair out.
  8. The title says it all. The first picture shows how i had the canisters on the new large T-Platform with my centrifuge. You can see that it is empty but not pulling canisters. I tried this with the other platforms with the same result. The second pictures on the rover shows 2 situations: the canister directly on the silo, and the canister on a medium silo attached to the large silo. Neither of them would fill soil through the drill. I haven't tried testing the shorter large storage silo.
  9. I think being able to carry debris in the chest is a bad idea for 2 reasons: 1) Internal storage would be required, which I think would be bad for the game. The game's aesthetic is based around alll of the supplies being outside mounted on little circles, and it would fly in the face of the design 2) You can already carry debris, if you package it. Graphite is hard to find naturally but can be easily collected with the centrifuge either directly or by turning ceramic into drill mods and getting at a 2:1 ratio from the trading station. As for something a little more than medium storage, I think that there is a thin line of this working, and if it is, it could make the medium storage obsolete and the silo significantly less worth it. Here is why i think this and what my idea is. The medium storage is exceptionally easy to make, with the Large Storage + 4 Medium Storage combo being very cheap to make, and the byte cost is pretty low for them. The storage silos on the other hand are quite a bit more expensive to make and offer 3x the storage capacity, but require titanium. Titanium is decently hard to find, but in the end, if you go to Glacio, it's really not that hard if you have a rover. I'm not sure what the byte cost is for the silo, but even if it's thousands of bytes that's easy mode to get if you walk in the caves in Glacio. So all of that being said, how many slots does it have and what do you make it out of? Well since the medium storage has 8 and the silo has 24, 16 would be the obvious answer for how many slots it would have.Given that titanium is WAY harder to get than resin (for the sake of this let's quantify it and say it's 10x harder to get than resin once you have the centrifuge). So the amount of work to get it should be about 5x more than getting resin. So what's harder to get than resin but also not so hard to get that you might as well go get titanium instead? My idea is 1 plastic and 1 Aluminum. Aluminum is in a ton of recipes, but it's found on every planet so it's decently easy to find but not as fast as farming resin or even something like ceramic. This also means that you would at least need the chem bench. Because of the nature of plastic, you'd need a pretty substantial soil operation as well to get enough of it for a full storage system, but it's doable without drill mods or a rover, too.
  10. The extra large storage was something I was really excited to get to when I first started playing the game, as organization is one of my favorite parts of any sandbox. But i quickly realized that it just didn't make any sense. It's a teir-4 (Uses 8 "dots") Item that has 31 slots. For comparison, currently the most efficient way to store things is with a large storage with 4 storage silos on them. This can hold a total of 96 items in a tier-3 (4 "dots") slot. This is a ton, but you might be thinking "well those take titanium to craft so they're kinda pricey. To which i say, yes. You are right. But even if you use the medium storage, the 4 of which can be made with only 2 full soil canisters, you can hold 32 items in a teir-3 slot. It's OVER DOUBLE the amount of storage of the extra large storage for arguably a commensurate amount of work. To get the full storage you need to use the centrifuge only 3 times. Twice for the resin for the 8 medium storage, and once for the clay for the 2 large storage. Plastic isn't horribly hard to make, but even if it took 5 times as long to make the large storage/medium storage combo instead, i still would do that over the extra large storage. I'm not sure how many slots it needs to be balanced and don't have much of an idea of what that would be as i don't claim to be a game developer. But right now it's disappointing and will go down as one of the only items in the game i have never crafted. P.S I searched for "extra large storage" in the forum search bar and didn't see anything, but I find it hard to believe that no one has posted about this. So if it has been, Feel free to delete the post.
  11. Ushot2late

    Recycle Platform = The Delete Button You Like

    What was in the teaser? I have looked for the stream but can't find any info on this. And could we have link to it?
  12. Yeah, it will eject the canister automatically if there is space at the end. The only thing this behaviour needs to be fixed is to eject the canister FIRST before it ejects the resin or whatever so it goes back to its original slot. Then when it needs to fill it looks for canisters the same as it did before. IMO once the centrifuge is full it should eject the canister regardless of how full it is. If you have a large canister operation, that empty slot in your medium storage full of canisters is going to be filled with a canister anyway so there is no downside.