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  1. AAR #41: A short session, but couldn't stay away, its more rewarding now as the change is considerably greater. Starting to rack up some research points. And I accidentally found out how to move platforms while in rover. Just drill underneath and let it fall on top of you
  2. AAR #39 & #40: Further shaving of current layer with rover. To the point of the layer once again becoming a veeery thin sheet, risking going through whenever the rover spasms out and unintentionally aims the drill to many degrees downwards. Still gonna need more sessions as the alignment with walls is an ever increasing workload (looks horrible, just as the rendering from orbit). Oh well. Not much more now.
  3. ..."And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you"
  4. AAR #38: Time for some estimates. Current layer will prolly be gone in 1-2 sessions. After that, its probably the last layer of soil before core is exposed. That will take 1-2 sessions. Then i guess 25% of Desolo is mined. Adding 3 screenshots. The first is on my jump. It started from the rover(where I aim) and ended where I am standing. Low gravity now. The other two is just for showing how it looks like from Desolo main base where the ABYSS starts.
  5. AAR #37!: Opened up yet another layer. Compared to the earlier ones, Desolo is getting really SMALL now. You can see the curvature more and more clearly. The save file is pushing almost 60MB now
  6. AAR #34-36: Desolo; As seen from SPACE, some more horrible rendering, and a marker of me finding a plant that didnt like me...
  7. AAR #33: More nom nom nom of the current layer...
  8. AAR #30-32: Further shaving. But it turns out that more has been dug out than anticipated, becauseeee....... ....Suddenly something pink was visible below!
  9. AAR #28-29: Further shaving... Rendering not looking to fancy unfortunately...
  10. AAR #27: New layer opened! Its really deep to the floor below! Falling through is a challenge to survive now.
  11. AAR #26: Think layer two is gone. Couldn't find anywhere where there was a height difference, so next session will be an opening of layer #3. Pic: This always happen when launching from subterranean dig...
  12. AAR #25: Layer two is almost gone now. Now having the issue that I dont actually see where undug areas actually are...
  13. AAR #23-24: Steadily chipping of the next layer. If this keeps up, two layers will be gone. Had some fellow astroneers to assist, which drastically sped the process up considerably. Progress. Areas are tedious to drive through every now and then...
  14. AAR #20-22: More of removal the first subterranean layer, which is now actually the surface. Spent too much time getting the walls (sort of) fixed. Rendering is horrible from orbit. If this is from the ghost splinters or not, I have no idea... The save file is now over 46 MB large...😬 Getting used to only mining shallow enough so the rover wont fall through, but sometimes it fails. Whenever that happens, the change in gravity is _really_ noticed.
  15. AAR #19: Dug out more of next layer. Rough rough estimates is that maybe 1/4th (?) of that part is completed. Really hard to make an estimate as the rendering is not doing its best... But the biggest concern (and what caused the most headache) was the damn walls. Extending it further down seems to be _IMPOSSIBLE_ without ending up getting misaligned. Tried different tactics but in the end, we didn't achieve much success. If anyone wishes to have a go at it, feel free to help out as it is an annoyance deluxe. Didn't even bothered with a screenshot on it.