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  1. AAR #52: Creative Update! So... game flows better for client. But check the pics. Sigh... new pockets of terrain popped up. Which sometimes disappears (annoying) and sometimes sticks around (good) for mining. I added 2 pic on how it looked prior the patch (the ones when I'm standing on the satellite). Disconnection issues have been appearing now. Also found parts of terrain which couldn't be mined. Added two pics where you can see black terrain, those are it... We called it after the last disconnect and we found a patch of resources kept reappearing. ...But at least you can now see the new trench for the next 25%!
  2. AAR #51: Groundwork update. Just a short session, but; The. Paver. Is. A. Dream! Ty ERA!
  3. Made a youtube video: have a look!
  4. ...Really innovative there, buddy. If we wanted to cheat, dont you think we would had done it by now?
  5. AAR #50: First playthrough since update! Research all the new thingies, half of them will ofc never be built but, anyway. Soon realized that jetpacks is a tool that could assist in the goal of mining 50%, however, the camera auto alignment makes it somewhat tedious. We were gonna just do some quick flyovers, but we discovered that the update also had set our progress had been hampered as there was now rendered tunnels in areas which otherwise would have been, void... We got the most of it, then our supply of hydrazine was depleted. Pics below;
  6. AAR #49: 25% of Desolo: DONE. Start up the save and soon realize something strange... All tentacles have disappeared from the core! Dont know if they return or not, but it remains to be seen. Sadly you cannot se down to the core as the rendering wont draw correctly! Neither can you see the exposed core from Sylva! So sad... Anyway. When I started this project, I had less than 99hrs worth of playtime. Now I ended up on 314 upon completion. As I had some help, it did not take me the full 215 hours and there was also intermittent afk's from everyone from time to time, but If anyone is attempting to do the same, this will give a rough estimate on future endeavors. Can prolly subtract more of above-mentioned hours as I spent way to much time attending to the wall, which was a true PITA. I might continue doing the other 25% some other time, but it doesnt appeal as much as the end result was somewhat dissatisfying and I never managed to have 4 astroneers in the session more than like three (?) times. If there had been a solid squad helping out, then sure, but now, nah... Save is currently 64 MB for those that might wonder. Takes around 11mins for some ppl to join. I will occasionally check in here to see if any posts/messages will pop up, otherwise try DM ing me on the Astroneer discord server. Enjoy the pics;
  7. AAR #45-48: Opening up on final layer! Went really fast. Session 49 will be the completion of the 25%. Thank you on beforehand everyone who decided to stick around all the way to this post. Last pic: But ofc i fell down....
  8. AAR #43 & 44: Ok, I wont do any further estimates. But current layer is FINALLY gone. And this one was supposed to be done with so, so quick... Desolo isn't small. Its not small at all. ITS HUGE. Its so huge that when down at the current layer, the upper parts of the ramp isn't rendering due to distance. Anyway, started this session with discovering a bottom part of a research tetrahy... tet... ResearchBOX high up in the sky. Took some minutes to just get up there and then some to get it down + removing the path up there. First pic.... Soon after discovered the flora had spawned in already mined areas. sigh. Had to repeat, now with hostile gases chasing me. Second pic... Then i did something really stupid. Since i have started removing debris/terrain that doesn't despawn and things that cant be scrapped, I have frequently been using the winch. In order to minimize the trips back up & down all the time, I today added two more in order to have more capacity. I also encountered a large research specimen, which I always research because why not(already have 360 K bytes)? And then another. Usually I just place them on a two-slot, buuut with 3 winches there wasnt room, so I simply attached a wire on to it. After some time, my research station was complete, so it had room for the next one. -"Hmmm, wonder what will happen if i place the specimen in the research tray while still attached to the winch?" [See third pic] The spin started immediately and had no issues to speed up, especially this close to the core. In five seconds it had started to whirl away in the sky, and ten seconds later it had disappeared beyond the horizon. -"Sigh, at least I placed a beacon on it" [Looks to my left, where my medium storage silo had temporarily placed due to a rearrangement i was doing when the research station was finished. On it? ..... the beacon...] Quits to menu, in hopes of still having the rover train on Desolo and not BEYOND orbit, and restarts. I was lucky. Sometimes you catch a break, sometimes you dont. I did today tough. Pic four; not much left now...
  9. AAR #42: Ran out of storage so didnt mine as much. Took some pics on main base as has been requested. Sunset (or sunrise?) Yes, the game is nice. Graphics is a bonus, as long as a game is fun to play... More mad paint skillz...
  10. AAR #41: A short session, but couldn't stay away, its more rewarding now as the change is considerably greater. Starting to rack up some research points. And I accidentally found out how to move platforms while in rover. Just drill underneath and let it fall on top of you
  11. AAR #39 & #40: Further shaving of current layer with rover. To the point of the layer once again becoming a veeery thin sheet, risking going through whenever the rover spasms out and unintentionally aims the drill to many degrees downwards. Still gonna need more sessions as the alignment with walls is an ever increasing workload (looks horrible, just as the rendering from orbit). Oh well. Not much more now.
  12. ..."And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you"
  13. AAR #38: Time for some estimates. Current layer will prolly be gone in 1-2 sessions. After that, its probably the last layer of soil before core is exposed. That will take 1-2 sessions. Then i guess 25% of Desolo is mined. Adding 3 screenshots. The first is on my jump. It started from the rover(where I aim) and ended where I am standing. Low gravity now. The other two is just for showing how it looks like from Desolo main base where the ABYSS starts.
  14. AAR #37!: Opened up yet another layer. Compared to the earlier ones, Desolo is getting really SMALL now. You can see the curvature more and more clearly. The save file is pushing almost 60MB now