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    Overwhelming amount of soil

    You can put the soil in centrifuge and make resin, then make medium storages and then scrap them. 1 storage gives you half of scrap, which means that you get 1 scrap for each soil canister. Pretty effective way to get scrap if you ask me, although a bit time consuming.
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    Currently, if you want to do something in Astroneer, you usually have multiple ways of doing it. For example, if you want to get hematite, you can go to Glacio, Novus, or just stay at Sylva and use trade platform. Or, when you are building a base, you have 3 variations of each platform tier. But when you want to explore the depths of planets, build multiple-floor bases or build a reusable tower, there is just one viable option: Ramps. Ramps take long to build, require tons of soil and can often get very annoying to construct. This is why i think Astroneer needs an alternative. My suggestion is an elevator. simple base piece, that you can put on a platform. You can control the elevator either by pressing F while pointing at it, or by pressing W/S while sitting in a rover seat which is connected to the upper platform. This ensures, that you can easily control it from inside, and also call the elevator towards you. The connection slots consist of a tier 3 slot at the bottom for connecting to a platform, and a tier 2 slot at the top for connecting a rover seat or medium storage. Alternatively, there could be a second tier of elevator with t4 slot at the bottom and t3 slot at the top, allowing you to stack two elevators for a higher reach. Having a rover seat to sit in at the top will be necessary, because current physics would not work if you just stood on the platform, and fixing it would be too hard of a job, for just an elevator. Lastly, i have attached a rough sketch of the elevator and it's connection slots. I really hope that you like the idea and agree on the need for an alternative to using ramps.