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  1. Vale_Panzer

    Medium Storage improvement

    Following Idea, what if you can lock a medium storage on a plattform, so if you missclick Shift+Click on the plattform nothing would happen. The lock buttons could be the same for rotating but you have to hold it. Sry for bad english, I'm trying my best.
  2. Vale_Panzer

    Terrain Tool Mods

    WOW, thanks, didn't knew about that. Looks amazing whats gonna happen there.
  3. Vale_Panzer

    Terrain Tool Mods

    Hey there Astroneers, I was wondering if it would be a good idea if there would be a Terrain Tool mod addet to make perfect 90 Degree walls to the floor or the roof. I could just stand on a wall trying to get it like that and that really freaks me out. Would be great if it gets addet
  4. Vale_Panzer

    Gameplay idea Map System

    I feel like it would be a cool idea if you have a minimap or something BUT not at the very beginning. It would be cool if you can build a sattelite what you can send in the galaxy and then spins around the planet it was sent from and with that a module for the Astro-Suit to get the actual minimap that is connectet to the sattelite. And with that, if you got your minimap, you would be able to see the map in realtime to the actual location.
  5. Vale_Panzer

    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    Hello, my name is Valle and I'm playing since Aug. 2018. A friend got me to that game and I got more hours in this game than he does in the very first week. I really enjoy playing it. The most favourite part of the game for me is the fact that I can take literally every screenshot as a wallpaper because everything is beautifully colored. I'm really looking forward for more amazing updates with more Planets, Resources or something like that.