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  1. My partner left his ship there when the game stopped and now I can not take the ship. for this reason the game is slow(FPS), now I will have to start the game
  2. I have 2 hours of trying to leave the center of glacio and every time I get outside and my partner or I get into the car to save, the game closed, or just driving the car sticks the game, not to mention that the fps go very bad in xbox one and every time you start the game it takes 5 minutes to enter. Astroneeer is a great game but being honest is the game with the most bugs, with the fps and most garbage performance I have ever played. never a video game has taken away so much patience, it makes me furious but, it is unplayable and the worst, I do not know because I have almost all the achievements. if they are going to make a video game garbage (poorly optimized and full of bugs) do not sell it
  3. GallopintoCR

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    xbox one version continues with bad stability in the multplayer after patch 1.2.10
  4. xbox one version continues with bad stability in the multplayer after patch 1.2.10. I love this game but the multiplayer is unplayable, the fps are not stable at all, they make the game go slow and stop to continue and stop again and again This game has low graphics and few objects on the screen, should go at 30 fps constant, The game needs to be more optimized
  5. I am in the same, this bug Is very bad But astroneer on xbox one multiplayer is unplayable
  6. GallopintoCR

    1.2.10 - PC - Terrain Tool Bugged

    To Fix that you need dead on the game and borne again.
  7. GallopintoCR

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    my girlfriend and I thank you for repairing the mutiplayer on xbox one with the 1.2.10 update. Before the FPS went very badly. Now it is much better, I hope you continue to improve it. I love this game, I have it in gamepass but to repair it I will buy it to be mine and help them with the money. thank you