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  1. My friend(s) and I took a break on the Xbox for the following issues... and due to it being early access, we actually don't mind the FPS / stutter nor glitches like falling through map or having to restart. 1. Vehicle controls 2. Client/host syncing issues 3. Especially when using a controller; the terrain tool is not accurate. I list this as a priority over some bigger fixes/issues because the enjoyable aspect of the game is the hanging out with friends exploring and terraforming planets, thus I list the terrain tool as a priority!
  2. True lol, but I like the visual allure of different color ground
  3. Look, I get lost too. But minimaps takes away from exploring. Don't know if any of you all grew up exploring wilderness and landscapes as a kid... but half the fun was just that, getting lost and wondering around. In that vein, minimaps in games destroy that. Whether it's in survival or in pvp centric games, the map auto orientates you and takes away from the freedom of exploration and of getting lost. Around the forums there are many post on people just getting lost and having organic adventures from that; they would be diminished if you were constantly reminded of how to get home. There is a compass built into the game by rotating the camera and clicking on your guy As a compensation, since I feel like if I didn't offer another solution i'd just be part of the problem... That being, a road system would be cool, even just the ability to use resources to make difference colored ground (even if the truck behaved the same on all ground) so you could better (visually) section off your base/paths. You could follow your yellow brick road (or whatever kind of road) way home if you get lost, it would be like leaving breadcrumbs.
  4. The problem is with a controller, the plateau tool does not work well; it goes beyond a time and energy to spare thing. How the controls are on the xbox it is sometimes outside of the hands of patience / practice, whereas when I play on the computer I can make straight ramps a lot easier. That being, a road system would be cool, even just the ability to use resources to make difference colored ground (even if the truck behaved the same on all ground) so you could better (visually) section off your base/paths.
  5. I don't think non violent pvp, competitions in and of themselves are bad. Such as racing. Though these are already being done by the players themselves and I can only imagine will get more popular when/if dedicated serves (on the roadmap) as well as just overall tweaks/improvements to the game happen. As for stealing resources; the theme of Astroneer is exploration. with survival elements. Stealing oxygen from opponent reserve would kill them, or leave them stranded and that crosses into violent PvP. Also stealing resources from another player kind of gets into violent pvp, because you'd have to have a way to defend yourself; meaning you can either have a mechanic to attack the player directly, or a way to just lock him out of your stuff. Again, races and competitions are great (race for distance, land, space, number of resources, etc) and these are already being done and hopefully with improve with the game.
  6. Hello my fellow Astroneers. For those of you who really get into the science of astroneer and how the solar and wind power work... the solar is pretty simple; it has to have a sight line to the sun, even angles can disrupt it... For windpower, it's a tad bit more tricky, though gust can be underground. Sometimes while in caves I've found areas where there seems to be a huge never ending gust... I assume top side has similar areas, or valleys where it is windy 80% of the time... So for the challenge/idea How about terraforming the planet around some of these gusty areas, so that the wind is trapped, like will the wind go through a wall of ground? and if you can find a way to trap or atleast direct the wind, then couldn't you get unlimited power? I was trying this out but can't use the game world i was on before, so hoping I find another wind vein on this new Terra so I can try again. Post here if you find it, or if you think you've hit another solution!
  7. I have both... it's the same UI, the only pro is that Steam version gets patches about a week (3-5 days) before the xbox/W10 version. The xbox/W10 version are same version of the game... Pro to PC is the mouse gives finer detail over terrain modification but the controlling vehicles and just overall casualness of the game suits a controller better for me... It's all opinion though, except the detail over terrain is objective
  8. I like that there is no lobby on xboxone, I just send my friend(s) a party/game invite, they chose their character and land on my planet. It's awesome and no clutter. The downside is that they have to be your friend, but you can get around this by the "Club" feature in xbox community.
  9. Preyhunter

    Flat land

    Making flat is very difficult on the xbox. on the PC I can manage it, but there should be a better leveling/flat tool, specifically for those of us who like a nice casual game like this on their couch.
  10. Your first bug, happens almost (about 9 out of 10) every time I build dirt under/over me. It clips me through the game... also happens when playing with a friend if I, or he, builds dirt on eachother.
  11. So in 2-player multiplayer on the Xbox one. Found a few things, and we recreated it with multiple new loads. This is with new game files, I deleted my old saves, my friend uninstalled/re-downloded the game, and safe to say we have fresh builds... So for bugs... When a player dies he shows as laying down after respawn (only to the player that died, others see him normally) Tethers still not showing black (when disconnected), but now both users can place and use tethers, when before the 2nd player's tethers were not usable by anyone. standard clipping through floors overall though it is much more stable than before! Looking forward to more updates and content!
  12. Yeah, I have found a few of them before. most times it has been in caves that i have never been! I thought it was a great thing.
  13. On Xbox here: How do I add dirt / ground? What components or items do I need?
  14. I can confirm this on Xbox one. Whomever is the host can still place / connect tethers, but the 2nd player can place tethers; but they won't connect to anything regardless of the distance to the tether. Also if the 2nd player interacts with an already established tether (picks up/drops) it won't connect to the other tethers/base until player 1 interacts with said tether.