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  1. @TMarcher74 Yeah, I'm aware of it and it looks cool. A mod for the Terrain Tool would be cool like I suggested.
  2. Could you cite your source? Not doubting, just curious as I haven't seen a mention of it anywhere
  3. At the moment, the only way to control the vertical steering of the rover mounted drills is to shift your view up and down. To me, this feels very counter-intuitive. I'd love to be able to control the vertical direction of the drill with either keybindings, or to be able to hold a button which enables you to change vertical direction with your view. Currently, you cannot look around without shifting drill direction, me no likey.
  4. This is essentially a duplicate of the post above, but that's from four months ago and there hasn't been any update on this since, so I'm bringing it up again. It gets distracting enough that I find it hard to play on Desolo, I imagine it doesn't require much work to fix this issue. Here's a YouTube video in which I demonstrate the problem.
  5. Can confirm this bug happens quite often, quite irritating even though it doesn't have a direct effect on gameplay.
  6. A node modification for the terrain tool you could draw lines with on the ground with (imagine it like the tethers), and flattening it to a specified width and height between the nodes essentially creating smooth walkways and roads. Similar to how ramp tools work in game terrain editing, only that it isn't just drawn from point A to point B, rather from point A to point B, to point C and etc.. Angles could be softened/curved if the player chooses so. I'd illustrate what I mean but I am very bad at drawing, would only end up confusing more. Thank you for understanding my poor phrasing.