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  1. No sadly I wasnt I bet I looked pretty cool, i think it could be cool to allow full customizations of machine colour schemes as well as space ships ??! The only problem I can see is 'how's it can be implemented as I cant really think of a good way for a player to select a colour scheme menu without it seeming clunky hence the suggestion of allowing a ' colour mod' onto the ( forgot the name for now :D) drill that the player uses ( like the boost mod but colour ) to enable a more smoother addition into the game space without adding clunky menus
  2. TLDR* at bottom of the page. I understand the blue in the tether line is supposed to represent oxygen, however ;), what if like the ability to customize the colour of your space suit, allow a player ( once unlocked lets say a ' colouriser' ?) the player can choose the colour of the tether cable or cap ( something to help distinguish it from other tether lines ) this would be extremely useful in cave exploration as a player could mark their path out in lets say Green, a path to a resource deposit ( in a corresponding colour using a preselected/created colour pallet ( of X amount of colours