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  1. It would be quite lovely to let us research backpack upgrades that let us add more slots, a backpack that folds out for more storage sockets. It would also be equally nice if you would allow us to scrap down platforms so we can get rid of obsolete ones that are in the way.
  2. Martimus


    ..............Yeaaaaa, i ....didn't want to take the narrative this far.... >.>
  3. Martimus


    Those jerks, taking my business away. It's hard being an Archmage in this day and age. So much competition.
  4. Martimus

    Kill Button/Breath Holding

  5. Martimus

    ETA on Ship Manual Control

    I agree, I want to be able to maneuver my shuttle a bit. Love your avatar, btw
  6. Martimus

    Changing Rover/Tractor handling

    I agree, the vehicles all flip over entirely too easily. You would think the gravity was moon-like on all planets with how badly the vehicles flip over when crossing a pebble, but yet we can't jump but half of a foot high. They really need more weight.
  7. Hi. I am really enjoying the game and have been for a very long time, but I must complain about the Buggy's physics in general. It's rather a pain to drive. Turning, even on flat terrain, has poor response speed, and the buggy itself flips over entirely too easily. A bush should not stop the buggy from moving completely. Can this be looked at? Other than that, the game is in a very good spot and I'm having a wonderful time. Thanks Martimus