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  1. I havent played for several build updates, so there are a lot of new features that I'm not used to. Think of it like this too, the time you put in to learn each new mechanic only seems like a long grind because the game is still a bit finicky. But now I know, if I see a storm coming, I jump into the habitat regardless. Even if the storm is far away, I use it as a break to go grab a drink or something. It would be a good feature though, if Devs are paying attention here. Is to make something separate for players to jump into besides the habitat where it auto saves, earlier on in the game, before we have enough bytes to print vehicles. Maybe they arleady have, the habitat drop ship, but I think that is only to create other bases on a planet which it turns into that big habitat where you auto save, so that doesnt really help us out much. Even to put like two doors on that art asset (habitat - auto-save) so that we could save from either side. So if one door becomes obstructed, we can go out the other side. Obviously the placeholder shell of the previous body remains, so that doesnt help much either. But there needs to be some kind of way to even choose our save file so that the only save file doesnt get corrupted, because you're right, I'd be way more pissed if I spent weeks on the game to have this happen, it be enough for me to say, hey! I aint' playing this game until full release! I hope they fix this issue by next build update. Cuz it can become a bit of an annoyance. I mean the only thing we can do is if you think you wont make it to the habitat during the storm, don't risk it. Just die where you are and then spawn back in so that your previous body cant get in the way.
  2. Astroneer (Alpha) - Backpack Gamesave Blocker - XONE The same happened to me, except I was hit by a debris in the storm as I was entering the habitat to auto-save. So when I pressed X to exit the habitat module, the backpack was inside the asset preventing my character from exiting. Sucks, but c'est la vie!
  3. The game is otherwise brilliant, but it completely sucks that it doesn't support LOCAL co-op play. I feel ripped off tbh.
  4. It seems my spacecraft landed a nice cozy spot in the tundra.. I feel so fellowship of the rings right now ! Lol I imagine the beginning of a marvelous base !! Its nice too cuz at highest point i can see the beacons from alpha base on terra
  5. I hate to say it. But sometimes late at night I just want to imerse myself in the game, and pretend im in another world ?✌ and the option to mute or turn down the music volume wild be great option to have. SSometimes I want to hear the space sounds. This game does appeal to many ages, so different people like different things. But I do love the music, its calming. Its be cool to hear the planets
  6. I was in my spaceship, I just finished loading it. And I couldn't launch myself.. The button wasn't available.. But I was full fuel.. Weird.. I pressed back button on D-pad, without placing, and my ship amt upside down.
  7. There should be a first person view as certain camera angles, it's difficult to see what you'r doing. & transparent unknown research node. Because when you're trying to move with it through a cave, it gets caught up on the wall, and you cannot move your got correctly, nor quickly. Its a little distracting. So id that node you're carrying could move as if you aren't holding anything, that be awesome.
  8. I have yet to venture off too far. Ive been establishing my bar and I built an underground entrance below my base that goes down beneath the Crust to what I can a resource honey pot. I found by accident.
  9. I extended my base underground from my main hub, and I'm having issues operating the modules because of the camera angles. can you make it so that if you press the right thumbstick down It'll go into a first person view, blocking any ceiling or roof from interfering with the camera. Only angle i can access is the last picture.
  10. What I'm getting at is since patch, the tethers don't cause much fps issues to crash.. That's great news ! The terrain is a bit glitched.. Like I could fall through invisible walls too.. But ive been repairing the land with my tool. It is possible but time consuming.. Im bout ready to ditch this base
  11. Does anybody else ever feel like when discovering a new resource well, whatever you dig out, you decide that its the right thing to do; to put the terra back, and try and make it as original terrain as possible.. So that it isn't a hazard for any other astroneer. ?☝ It could also just be my OCD ?? ?