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  1. I dont know about you guys but im sure ive heard the ingame music in some other game from a while back. Specially one certain ditty in the game. Can anyone shed any light on this. Or is it that in 35 years of gaming sooner or later im going to come accross similar sounding ditties.
  2. And all my storage all that titanium gonyoney sob.
  3. xbox one ive just loaded my save game and my rover and truck have disappeared. scaned the horizon for the teltale three dot icon and its definitely ceased to exist.
  4. So I entered my first new planet (exotic) upon landing i was trapped beneath the shuttle. After several attempts i was eventually freed. Set up a base then reentered the shuttle and made my way home. Upon landing at my base i was once again trapped beneah the shuttle. This time i was unable to free myself. Also you cant dig yourself out because the dig button is also the enter craft button. I know its preview but surely you could have put the exit vector to the side of the craft and not beneath it thats just begging to cause problems.
  5. HEY hello games this is how its done. Nice work chaps. Can us xbox users get it before xmas dont want you busy guys missing xmas dinner.
  6. Ive had two great games ruined ( over 30 hrs game play) due to shuttle base being fliped on its side when build completes. Ive had my rover flipped but managed to upright by manipulating soil. However the soil directly under were somthing is built can not be manipulated.
  7. jumping back into your pod automatically saves. Just on the off chance you was not aware.
  8. Upon loading save game i noticed all items in back pack were floating about 2 feet behind the back pack. Repeated twice to check confirmed. Was able to select and replace in proper position. The next was unable to conduct research after placing researchable item in researcher platform. The (i) icon fails to appear after placement. And yes it had power. I tried reloading and problem persists. Great game by the way.